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Progress-PME is co-organizer of VCCN National Cleanroom Day

news-releasesProgress Project Management & Engineering (Progress-PME)
October 1st 2019

Hoofddorp, The Netherlands: – Progress Project Management & Engineering (Progress-PME), the independent consultancy and management company specializing in the pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare industries, will be a prominent presence at the Dutch Association of Contamination Control (VCCN) National Cleanroom Day contamination control symposium in October.

Progress-PME, with its extensive expertise in cleaning validation regimes and compliance, is both a participant and part of the organizing committee of the one-day conference at the Spant! theatre in Bussum, southeast of Amsterdam.

Contamination control guidelines

The event, dedicated to contamination control guidelines in healthcare, provides a platform for organisations to share knowledge and expertise as well as a cleanroom and air-conditioning solutions.

The Progress-PME team at the event will be led by Director of Operations, Mark Vollebregt-Monajati, and will include consultant Martijn Monster, who has extensive practical experience as an engineer in the pharmaceutical industry with specific knowledge of GMP guidelines, commissioning and cleaning validation requirements.

Cleaning validation solutions

“We are looking forward to this meeting as a valuable contribution to increasing industry expertise in cleaning validation solutions as well as an opportunity for networking and picking up relevant information,” commented Mark Vollebregt-Monajati.

“Many of our clients and prospective partners in the life sciences and healthcare industries will appreciate that we support VCCN and are part of the team to organize such events with a goal of connecting different cleanroom suppliers and users and sharing the knowledge needed for more effective cleaning and sterilization solutions, both in equipment commissioning and day-to-day regimes,” he added.

About Progress-PME

Progress-PME is an independent consultancy company with customers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and in the healthcare sector. It operates internationally, supplying project management, engineering, CMC, validation Lean/OPex and quality assurance services.

Progress-PME’s mission is to excel in supporting clients to realize their business goals, harnessing broad knowledge and experience, combined with focus and flexibility to guarantee high value services and projects and multi-disciplinary progress. Progress-PME offers general services in eight fields: project management, a specialized Quick scan & GAP analysis services helping companies into new markets or products, training, hospital pharmacy support, biobanking, and environmental management.

The company also offers management services covering fields such as Quality Management, Lean Six Sigma performance improvement, Chemistry Manufacturing and Control (CMC) for new pharmaceutical products, engineering and facilities support.

Founded in 1999, Progress-PME and its Executive Services subsidiary Progress EXS are privately-owned companies.

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About VCCN National Cleanroom Day

Established in 1988, the Association of Contamination Control Netherlands (VCCN) promotes knowledge sharing for professionals in the field of contamination control and associated support facilities. VCCN is a member of the International Confederation of Contamination Control Societies ( ICCCS ) and .represents the interests of companies, institutions and organizations concerned with contamination control.

VCCN provides courses on the design, use, cleaning and maintenance of cleanrooms and operating rooms.. Besides teaching courses VCCN organizes conferences with prominent guest speakers, field trips and specialized exhibitions, along with oriented theoretical-, laboratory- and field research, providing information through literature documentation and periodic publications such as Its VCCN Magazine, which is published quarterly.

The VCCN’s National Cleanroom Day, titled ‘Contamination Control in Healthcare: More healthcare or less healthcare?’ is intended to cover the landscape of guidelines for operating rooms, central sterilization departments (CSA) and isolation rooms. It is a one-day symposium to be held on October 9 at the Spant! (Timber!) theatre and event center at Bussum southeast of Amsterdam

The event is organized by VCCN with further information at:


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Progress-PME is co-organizer of VCCN National Cleanroom Day

VCCN National Cleanroom Day venue: Spant! Theatre, Bussum

Progress-PME is co-organizer of VCCN National Cleanroom Day

Progress-PME has developed a comprehensive methodology for Cleaning Validation implementation

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