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    Polypharma Tech Transfer

    products-servicesPolypharma Technologies & Sciences GmbH
    January 5th 2022

    Polypharma Technologies & Sciences GmbH (Polypharma) can support generic medicine manufacturers in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) markets in all aspects of pharmaceutical production, including tech transfer.

    Drug producers in MENA markets can experience severe problems in all aspects of the manufacturing process, particularly in the complexities of scaling up to industrial and commercial scale and accompanying regulatory validation of process and products. The Polypharma tech transfer service opens the way for every stage of the process to be smoothly implemented with quality issues addressed in partnership.

    Raw material supply service features

    The Polypharma Technology Transfer and Registration Service covers the later stages of the journey from source active ingredient to production of a fully registered medicine, including scale-up from small batch quantities to commercial scale manufacturing.

    The service provides local support in technology transfer, once partners reach the point of manufacturing validation lots for the registration process.

    Polypharma’s technical teams work hand in hand with the client’s production and analytical teams to sort out all process stages, including weighing and preparation of raw materials, production, filling and primary packaging and final loading into secondary packaging ready for market.

    The service encompasses all regulatory requirements, including analytical validation, process verification, storage inspection, quality control (QC) testing, and environmental impact checking.

    In-process troubleshooting

    By implementing the first production jointly, Polypharma can carry out in-process troubleshooting with the production team in advance of formal inspection so that the production of the generic product can be implemented smoothly.

    The Polypharma technical experts can also support client production team with a complete analytical approach of the active substance and the finished drug, analytical methods and specifications, to ensure compliant provision of all relevant documentation for product registration.

    Tech transfer service benefits

    For the partner generic drug producer, the Polypharma Technology Transfer and Registration Service delivers powerful benefits, including:

    • Close support for the manufacturing process
    • Retained control over process by working in hand in hand partnership
    • Ability to conduct more effective product planning
    • Expert analysis to ensure product quality and regulatory approval
    • Fast and smooth registration of drugs, reducing time to market.


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    Polypharma Tech Transfer
    Polypharma Tech Transfer

    Polypharma’s Tech Transfer and Registration experts can work in close partnership with MENA generic drug producers to ensure every stage of the scale up to full commercial production is smoothly implemented with all quality and regulatory issues fully addressed.

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