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    Combating fraudulent and counterfeit medicines with Polypharma

    products-servicesPolypharma Technologies & Sciences GmbH
    February 28th 2024

    An important element of the Polypharma Technologies & Sciences core mission is to protect patients in developing markets in the Middle East, Africa, and elsewhere from fraudulent medicines and counterfeit drugs.

    Polypharma achieves this aim by making leading edge expertise available to support new generic manufacturers to develop high quality local production to replace substandard medicines.

    Partnering local generic manufacturers

    Polypharma accompanies generic manufacturers in Africa and the Middle East (MENA Region) in developing, producing and registering full quality and therapeutically proven drugs and medicines with complete dossiers for regulatory approval.

    It has a track record extending back over more than a decade of successfully partnering with new entrant generic drugs manufacturers in numerous countries in Northern, Western and Eastern Africa as well as in the Middle East.

    One of Polypharma’s most recent successful projects is with new entrant pharmaceutical company Laboratoires DBF in Algeria, which has now gained licenses to market its first four lines of generic pharma drugs that are in high demand locally.

    Tackling the counterfeit medicine problem

    Pharmaceutical counterfeiting that produces frequently hazardous substandard drugs has been a growing problem for many years, largely driven by very high prices for patented branded products.

    The most effective answer to the counterfeit pharmaceuticals problem is to enable local manufacturers to produce high quality generic products at full scale that can be marketed at affordable prices that provide risk-free alternatives to substandard medicines.

    Polypharma’s full-service offer can support start-up producers on multiple levels. These include providing access to pre-prepared regulatory dossiers, dossier preparation and presentation, required testing and certification, advice on setting up and equipping new local production facilities or laboratories, and sourcing high quality supplies and raw materials.


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    Combating fraudulent and counterfeit medicines with Polypharma

    Polypharma Technologies & Sciences can support new entrant local producers in developing markets in developing and producing high quality and affordable generic drugs to drive out dangerous counterfeit medicines.

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