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PolyCrystalLine heading for CPhI Worldwide

news-releasesPolyCrystalLine S.R.L.
September 23rd 2014

Bologna, Italy: –Crystalline form specialist CRO PolyCrystalLine will bring a wealth of expert knowledge on leading edge processes when it attends next month’s CPhI Worldwide expo in Paris.

The Italian specialist laboratory and research partner will field a team at CPhI led by its CEO, Dr. Stefano Luca Giaffreda, of University of Bologna.

“We have attended CPhI every year since 2005,” reflected Dr. Giaffreda.

“This event provides is with a wonderful platform to meet our current clients and to form valuable new contacts.” he added.

In depth knowledge

PolyCrystalLine is particularly keen to enter collaborations that can make best use of its capabilities in API development, solid state research, analytical support, method development and validation that build on the CRO’s in-depth knowledge of crystal form optimization, polymorph and co-crystal screening, production and optimization.

“Once again, we’re looking forward to arranging productive meetings with existing and prospective partners, to talk to them about the enhanced range of partnering and technology transfer opportunities we now offer,” said Dr. Giaffreda.

“We will be available to provide in-depth information on our biopharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities and our latest developments,” he added.

About PolyCrystalLine

PolyCrystalLine s.r.l. has rapidly established prominence in research and characterization of crystal forms and solid-state compounds, particularly in the pharmaceutical field.

The company has its roots in academia, building on research and collaborative networks to form a business. Academic knowledge is combined with business skills, employing a close relationship with scientific methodology to construct original, forward-thinking approaches to solve technical, patenting and commercial problems.

PolyCrystalLine’s extensive experience in the characterization of solid-state compounds and the study of polymorphism has been leveraged into development of explicit and adaptable research protocols that can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. It investigates the thermal behavior of pharmaceutical compounds through a wide range of methods including X-ray powder diffraction, calorimetric, thermo gravimetric and evolved gas analysis.

The company is able to meet a diverse range of research needs and budget requirements, from comprehensive analysis of APIs and compounds/solvates to rapid low cost screening and studies that involve patent issues.

It can provide crystallization processes utilising modular approaches ranging from milligrams to half kilogram scale, along with expert knowledge in regards to the optimization of different parameters during the crystallization processes to achieve desired crystal forms, yields, particle size, etc.

PolyCrystalLine clients include AET, Bracco, Chemi, DeveloPharma, Dipharma, Novartis, Polpharma, Rivopharm and Zach System.

About CPhl Worldwide

CPhI Worldwide bills itself as ‘the number one Pharma sourcing event’, offering delegates opportunities to arrange face-to-face meetings with potential international pharmaceutical partners and collaborators, as well as gain insights on latest industry trends. This year will mark the 25th Anniversary of the event’s foundation.

The 2014 show is being held 7-9 October at the Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition center and is expected to be the biggest CPhI Worldwide event to date, attracting more than 35,000 delegates from some 140 countries along with around 2,500 exhibitors.

The CPhl show is being held alongside three other zoned exhibitions; ICSE Outsourcing solutions, P-MEC Machinery and Equipment and InnoPack pharmaceutical packaging events.

The Pre-Connect Conference on October 6 comprises eight modules on current industry ‘hot topics’ from API sourcing to Trends in Oncology and offers specifically themed networking opportunities.

CPhl is staged by leading global B2B events organizer and publisher, UBM Live.

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