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Orion Corporation is a contract manufacturer (CMO) of hormonal gels in various forms. Hormonal products are a specialty area of Orion, which has more than 20 years of experience of developing and manufacturing its own hormone-based medicines as well as contract manufacturing for pharmaceutical customers worldwide.

Hormonal Production

Over decades of manufacturing and packaging hormonal products, Orion has amassed vast expertise in specialized disciplines and processes that include safe handling of potent APIs and controlled substances, handling of flammable liquids, finding effective solutions for formulation and analytical challenges and applying sophisticated packaging formats.

Hormonal gels and solutions are produced to the most rigorous standards for global markets by Orion’s ultra-modern plant in Turku,Finland. The 6,000m2 Turku plant was recently extended and upgraded to reach full capacity in 2015, with higher batch capacities and new filling and packaging lines.

The modern facility produces Orion’s own hormonal products as well as contract manufactured hormonal gels and solutions for pharmaceutical clients to comply with requirements of authorities in the United States, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Japan, and Pacific Rim.

Contract manufacturing

Orion offers high value pharmaceutical contract manufacturing services for global markets. This offering is based on acknowledged quality of operations, in-depth expertise in technology transfers, solid project management practices, excellent customer service and high service levels.

As a full-scale pharma company Orion can provide contract-manufacturing customers with extensive services, ranging from R&D support to regulatory expertise and comprehensive supply chain operations. Its strong financial position makes Orion a reliable and capable manufacturing partner. It can supply to all global markets and comply with requirements from authorities worldwide.

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Supplier: Orion Corporation
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