New upcoming Optibodies™!

New upcoming Optibodies™!

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FEBRUARY 15, 2017

Täby, Sweden: – We are proudly presenting our new upcoming Optibodies™! Ten new Optibody members, six rabbit and four mouse monoclonal Optibodies are carefully optimized according to criteria of optimal staining pattern. We would like to highlight two very interesting rabbit monoclonal OptibodiesTM; CD79a (BSR20) and CK20 (BSR7). CD79a is an excellent marker for B-cell neoplasia together with CD20. Our BS20 clone offers excellent performance with high signal to noise ratio.


CK20 is a marker of colon carcinomas. Our rabbit monoclonal BSR7 clone offers great staining pattern and intensive staining in colorectal carcinoma cells. Test our CD79a and CK20 Optibodies™, as well as our other antibodies from our OptibodiesTM portfolio.

Our other upcoming OptibodiesTM are: CD2 (BS60), CD4 (BSR4), CD8 (BSR5), CD38 (BSR7), CD43 (BS62), beta catenin (BS31), Glutamine synthetase (BS51), and Cytokeratin 8 (BSR15). These antibodies offer great signal to noise ratio with intensive and specific staining, and they are a very welcome supplement in our Optibody™ collection.


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