Medical Translation and Review Process

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Medical Translation and Review Process

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Medical Translation and Review Process

Medical translation and review is a multi-step process, in order to achieve the highest accuracy Medilingua has a robust process set in place to ensure the finished translation achieves our customers’ specification.

Project Specification
At this stage we identify and review the amount and level of documentation and agree on a quotation/contract, planning.

Project Preparation
Careful preparation of the documents to be translated are carried out. A glossary of technical terms, phrases, abbreviations and acronyms are created. The required resources are allocated to the specific project and product training is provided.

Translation and Proofreading Services
Translation memory and terminology management are vital for maintaining consistency of translation and consistency and standardization are important when translating documents containing clinical data.

All our translations are conducted by experienced native-speaking medical translators. All documentation is then meticulously proofread by experienced translators to ensure there are no errors. Every document is checked for linguistic accuracy, spelling and grammar.

With regards to software all translations are recompiled and tested.
With regards to online documentation all hyperlinks are checked.
With regards to websites the integrity of html files are tested.

Page Formatting (DTP)
We utilize a variety of DTP applications to create a print-ready document.

Quality Assurance Checks
To ensure high quality and accuracy each translation is subjected to quality checks. The final version is assessed and signed off once any changes and corrections have been fully implemented.

Customer Review and Validation
Translations are delivered directly to our clients’ representatives ready to be reviewed. Once any changes and comments have been received, analysed and implemented a final version is produced. With regards to larger projects the review and validation process can be incorporated into the translation procedure, this proves to be more economical especially if reviewers reside in the target language country.

Finalize Print Ready Output
We produce an output of the final document in its print ready form which include, PDF, PostScript, PageMaker, FrameMaker, film and paper. The final document is checked for layout and structure.

Post-Project Evaluation
Careful evaluation is performed on the completed project.

For more information or to discuss the medical translation and review process please contact us directly.

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