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Laboratory Animal Testing

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April 5th 2015


Pipeline Biotech A/S is expert in carrying out in life (in vivo) studies using a wide range of experimental animals, including mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, mini pigs and domestic pigs.

These studies are carried out to the highest ethical and quality standards.

Sourcing animals

It is Pipeline Biotech’s policy and practice to use only use laboratory animals from licensed breeders, bred and raised to the standards demanded by Federation of Laboratory Animal Science Associations (FELASA) and to specific pathogen free (SPF) quality.

All breeders used by Pipeline Biotech ensure the welfare of their animals using comprehensive quality assurance programs that encompass health monitoring, genetic monitoring, environmental control and nutritional stability.

Health Monitoring
Health status control of all imported animals is performed and the housing and caretaking systems of Pipeline Biotech are designed to assure that the SPF-status will be preserved during the study. Only fully trained personnel handle the animals under veterinary supervision. Animal welfare is recorded and actively managed daily, with health monitoring performed according to FELASA guidelines on a quarter annual basis.

Environmental Standards
Pipeline Biotech monitors all environmental parameters according to the OECD Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) guidelines. These include room temperature, humidity, ventilation and lightning as well as control and calibration of all equipment used. Additionally, the company retains certificates of analyses of diets, bedding materials and drinking water.

Laboratory Facilities

Pipeline Biotech operates in laboratory facilities that are designed and approved by governmental authorities to perform experimental preclinical research and comparative medicine.

All laboratories and animal rooms are state-of-the-art, classified to at least GMO Class 1 standard with smooth surfaces and safety laminar flow-benches, fume-hoods, IVC-systems and Scantainers with outlet ventilation, standard lab benches and closed cupboards for storage of utensils and reagents.

Each room is separately ventilated with HEPA-filtered air supply. Temperatures are maintained between 20 and 24ºC with air humidity limits set between 20 and 70 percent. Rooms are over-pressured, with air is exchanged six to 12 times per hour. Special areas are set aside for the handling of any toxic, hazardous or sensitizing materials.

Cell culture and in vitro activities
The Pipeline Biotech laboratory is approved for genetic engineering research in accordance with legislative demands and equipped to work with genetically modified virus, bacteria and mammalian cells as well as transgenic mice and rats. It includes facilities and equipment for cell and tissue culturing, general molecular biology, microbiology and virology.

Quality & Standards

Pipeline Biotech can carry out in vivo animal testing in compliance with Good Laboratory Practice (cGLP) or Non-GLP standards, depending on regulatory requirements.

Pipeline Biotech has more than 15 years of experience in performing experimental animal research for the pharmaceutical industry. Laboratory animals are housed at different levels of barrier protection including GMO Class I and Class II and Biohazard Class III. All experiments are performed in accordance with EU-regulations and approved by the Danish Medicines Agency and the National Animal Experiments Inspectorate.


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