Intelligent Quality for Pharmaceuticals

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November 30th 2021

Hello from the B.E. Exchange team,

Every pharmaceutical product you offer must be of the highest quality, packaged to protect it from contamination or degradation. Non-destructive visual inspection is a proven method of ensuring quality in every product that leaves your line. Automated visual inspection (AVI) takes it a step further, delivering increased speed, accuracy, and reliability over manual visual inspection results.

What if we could make visual inspection even better?

How can we make quality assurance more intelligent?

Bonfiglioli Engineering is incorporating AI into our AVI equipment, providing visual inspection solutions capable of becoming more precise and reliable over time.

Whether you’re preparing vials of lyophylized cake, pre-filled syringes, or BFS containers of solution, AVI can help make your quality assurance processes more reliable, accurate, and fast. The addition of artificial intelligence to AVI delivers even greater benefits, as the neural networks refine test performance through continuous learning as more products are inspected.

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Intelligent Quality for Pharmaceuticals