Headspace Gas Analysis can help you make sure

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November 5th 2021

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Quality control is critical for pharmaceutical products. Standard leak testing and visual inspection deliver proven quality assurance by confirming the container — whether a syringe, vial, or cartridge — is sealed and has no holes or defects. But what about what’s inside your container?

Freeze-dried products may require a nitrogen-rich protective layer to ensure their viability and effectiveness, or you may simply need to monitor the moisture or oxygen levels within your container to ensure product viability and shelf stability. Ensuring the appropriate atmosphere within your container provides another layer of protection.

Headspace gas analysis (HGA) uses lasers to determine the molecular makeup of the atmosphere inside a container, enabling you to confirm the appropriate gas and moisture levels to maintain your delicate pharmaceutical products. HGA can also measure the pressure within the container headspace, providing valuable information not only about the integrity of the tested container, but also about the health of your packaging process.

Read more about the basics of HGA and consider 5 reasons to include HGA in your pharmaceutical package integrity testing.

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Headspace Gas Analysis can help you make sure