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    HALOPV hosting on can reduce carbon emissions by more than 90%

    August 11th 2021

    Insife’s game-changing pharmacovigilance platform, HALOPV, and other applications on can both improve global access and also reduce carbon footprint.

    This is because displays far superior energy efficiency compared with on-site server hosting as confirmed by recent studies. This advantage is further enhanced by flexible/point-in-time deployment of environments, e.g. for testing/validation, during upgrades, as well as intelligent scaling.

    Altogether, the combined effect is to reduce energy consumption and therefore carbon emissions by up to 93%.

    When hosted on the innovative cloud-based IT platform, HALOPV also benefits from added layers of security and integration with other cloud-based apps. multivigilance security with sustainability is an advanced cloud service provided in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). It is fully GxP, GDPR and HIPAA compliant for ultimate global data security and optimal risk-protection, while offering system upgrades every year.

    Cloud hosting provides a series of sustainability advantages that include superior power infrastructures with lower transmission losses and reduced energy consumption. A recent Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory study estimated cloud hosting reduces total energy consumption of business software applications by up to 87%. Sustainability and climate impact are also reduced because cloud providers tend to use cleaner power sources than average corporate data centers. For example, AWS uses a 28% less carbon-intense power mix, raising the overall carbon reduction above 93%.

    These benefits, along with higher utilization rates, faster upgrade and more frequent equipment refresh, also reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

    Insife is working towards corporate wide ISO 14001 certification, making tangible its dedication to quality and sustainability by fully considering and documenting its environmental impact as an extension of its focus on cleaner hosting and paperless processes.


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    HALOPV hosting on can reduce carbon emissions by more than 90%
    HALOPV hosting on can reduce carbon emissions by more than 90%
    HALOPV hosting on can reduce carbon emissions by more than 90%

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