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    Epitope Mapping

    October 31st 2023

    Why Use Epitope Mapping? Functional Understanding and Selection of Antibodies.

    Determining the binding site will establish how the epitope relates to an antibody’s functional aspects, e.g. does binding take place at a similar site as the ligand. In addition, epitope mapping can be used to select antibodies that target specific parts of a protein, e.g. for (diagnostic) assay development or therapeutic drug development.

    Our expert team in the Netherlands invented peptide-based epitope mapping. Building on 25 years in advanced and applied peptide chemistry, we provide accurate, clear and directly applicable epitope definitions for your antibodies. Combining our scientists’ experience and expertise with our in-house developed peptide arrays and proprietary CLIPS™ technology provides us with a unique platform allowing us to define linear, conformational and discontinuous epitopes accurate and cost-effective.

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