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Employees take over Mericon AS

news-releasesMericon AS
February 11th 2015

Mericon AS former owner and CEO have chosen to step back and she has sold the company to the six employees. The company is an independent Contract Research Organization which was established in 1990, and the company offers regulatory and marketing authorization services for the entire life cycle of your medicinal products.

The new owners, Eva Vognild, Britt Vassbotn Kamfjord, Mette Hassan, Heidi Kogstad, Janne Høiset and Hanne A. Smith, have all been in the company for several years and they are well prepared to serve their customers in the same excellent way as before.

The team is highly skilled in the complex and ever changing regulations and guidelines and is able to assist you at several levels. They offer services for the entire life cycle of products, from preparation of marketing authorization application to maintenance of a marketing authorization. Their expertise covers medicinal products for human and veterinary use, herbal medicinal products, medical device, functional food and cosmetics.

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