Dividella showcasing enhanced TOP Loading solutions at FCE Pharma Brazil

Dividella showcasing enhanced TOP Loading solutions at FCE Pharma Brazil

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APRIL 16, 2015

Grabs, Switzerland: – Parenteral packaging specialist Dividella will travel to Brazil to exhibit its innovative TOPLoading solutions at the FCE Pharma exhibition in São Paulo, opening May 12.

The Dividella exhibits will feature vial and auto injector packages used by the world’s top ten biopharma companies, as well as video demos of the NeoTOP machines in action.

Dividella will be represented by its Brazilian distributor, Maquidrex on Stands D120 on aisles D4 and D5 at the Transamerica Expo Centre.

IPS Tour

“Dividella has been a presence at FCE Pharma for more than 10 years,” said Borja Guerra, South American President and CEO of Dividella’s parent company, Medipak Systems Latin America.

“We look forward to being inSão Paulo to meet our many existing and potential partners in the Americas,” said Mr. Guerra.

“Our presence at this wonderful Brazilian event confirms Dividella’s status as a global player when looking for sustainable packaging solutions that combine efficiency and sustainability with low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and high savings on TCP (Total Cost of Package),” Mr. Guerra added.

Patented top-loading solution

For more than three decades, Dividella has provided distinctive and highly effective solutions for secure and flexible packaging of pharmaceutical products. Its patented top-loading system forms the basis for solutions that have continually evolved to provide the most up-to-date, patient-friendly and environmentally responsible solutions for parenteral packaging.

Dividella will also use FCE Pharma 2015 to showcase its Pharma Packaging Systems for the secondary packaging of parenterals, uniquely adapted to the requirements of each customer.

“We will be showing partners how Dividella can help them constantly adapt our machines to meet present and future needs,” explained Mr. Guerra.

“In this way we can help them achieve highest possible performance. Hence, our job does not end after the successful installation of a packaging line. For smooth transition into production a thorough Qualification process and training from our team of experts also play a critical role,” he explained.

Dividella will also have details of their Retrofits program that guaranteesto maintain flexible and productive operation of a Dividella packaging line to accommodate future requirements.

About Dividella

Dividella AG, a member of the KorberMedipak Systems Group, specializes in developing and manufacturing packaging machinery for the pharmaceutical industry with specific expertise in packaging requirements for parenteral products. Based at Grabs in the canton of St. Gallen in eastern Switzerland, Dividella counts 20 of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies among its clients, including the entire top ten.

Dividella provides complete secondary packaging solutions for medicinal products that can be difficult to stack, such as needles, injector pens, vials and syringes. Its TopLoading solution enables product handling with extreme care and safety. Dividella patented feeding systems guarantee products are handled with care while maintaining high output.

Dividella’s team of expert engineers and specialists also create solutions tailored to specific customer needs and products.

All Dividella processes and products are specifically designed and engineered to be sustainable and environmentally friendly.

About FCE Pharma 2015

The FCE Pharma Exhibition is an annual event focusing on the production chain in the pharmaceutical sector. The 20th Anniversary FCE Pharma 2015 will again be a three day event held at Transamerica Expo Center in São Paulo, Brazil, opening on May 12.

The 2014 event attracted almost 18,000 visitors and more than 500 exhibitors, representing a host of pharmaceutical industry professionals connected with manufacture, supply and distribution of products and services including packaging, labeling, machines and equipment, quality and contamination control, transport and logistics, outsourcing and consultancy, laboratory and analytical equipment, process equipment, valves, sprays, industrial automation, technology and printing services.

Organisers Nürnberg Messe Brazil have announced that the 2015 event will again feature a parallel FCE Pharma Seminar with interactive panels, roundtables and lectures by leading industry players. It will also feature the Powtech Arena, bringing together leading professionals and global companies working with powders and granulates.

More information at: http://www.fcepharma.com.br/en/

Media Contact

Marta Berger, Marketing Manager, Dividella AG
Tel: +41 (0) 81 750 3387
Email: m.berger@dividella.ch


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