Dividella: part of an integrated family

Dividella: part of an integrated family

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Dividella’s specialism in developing and manufacturing packaging systems for the pharmaceutical industry is a key part of Medipak Systems, which in turn is part of the international Körber Group.

Dividella has been part of the Medipak family since 2002, gaining greater efficiency and flexibility from synergies within the group as well as enhanced stability and financial independence.

Medipak Systems is focused on the specific needs of the international pharmaceutical industry with a collection of companies that offer a suite of high quality solutions for the packaging and inspection of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical products, serialization for reliable traceability and manufacturing execution systems for production control and monitoring.

Medipak Systems Group

The Medipak Systems Group comprise of five companies with complementary skills and expertise:

Dividella AG
This specialist in developing and manufacturing packaging machinery for the pharmaceutical industry has specific expertise in secondary packaging requirements for parenteral products. Dividella’s patented NeoTOP top-loading packaging machines and feeding systems provide maximum production speed, efficiency and reliability.

Mediseal GmbH
This German-based specialist offers flexible, expandable machine concepts for packaging pharmaceutical products. Mediseal has particular experience in primary and secondary packaging of liquid and solid drugs. Mediseal solutions offer continuous process reliability, for guaranteed GMP conformity and ultra-high line efficiency.

Rondo AG
Rondo offers solutions and services for packaging pharmaceutical products. It has developed individual packaging concepts such as folding boxes and compartmented cartons as well as first-class standard solutions such as GoRondo integrated data logistics and pre-press services that guarantee continuous process reliability, GMP compliance and constantly high product quality. Besides it’s headquarter in Switzerland Rondo has facilities in the US, Puerto Rico and the Czech Republic.

Seidenader Maschinenbau GmbH is based in Germany and offers high-tech solutions for the inspection of pharmaceutical containers for liquid and dry sterile products. Its systems include state-of-the-art camera, X-Ray, high voltage, near infrared spectroscopy and other systems for automatic and semi auto product quality inspection. Seidenader has also developed serialization solutions for full traceability of products.

Werum IT Solutions GmbH, based at Lüneburg in Northern Germany is a leading international provider of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry. It has developed IT solutions that improve the efficiency of all manufacturing-related processes. Werum delivers complete out-of-the-box MES packages including its PAS-X software with pre-configured content and a comprehensive set of packages and services.

Integrated Solutions
Dividella’s packaging systems are engineered to be combined with other Medipak products, such as Seidenader’s inspections systems, Werum PAS-X software, Mediseal’s small lot and Late Stage Customization (LSC) solutions or Rondo packaging to construct fully integrated and comprehensive total solutions.

These total solutions can extend from initial product line design and configuration, through automated process control and inspection, to track and trace of individual products for full regulatory compliance.


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