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Dividella hosts Open House conference

news-releasesDividella AG
March 24th 2016

Grabs, Switzerland: – Parenteral packaging specialist Dividella will join forces with Medipak stalemates to host a remarkable conference in Switzerland In June.

The Medipak Systems Open House 2016 will be hosted by Dividella at its headquarters at Grabs adjoining the Rhine Valley in north east Switzerland, close to Liechtenstein and Austria.

Emerging trends

Over two days, June 7 and 8, the conference will explore emerging trends in pharma manufacturing and ‘hot topics’ such as Track & Trace Serialization, Small Lot Solutions and OEE Optimization.

“We at Medipak Systems want our clients to make consistent progress onwards and upwards,” said Medipak Systems Marketing Communications Manager, Britta Riemann, who is helping to organize the conference.

“As valued partners, we would like to help take their business to the next level by sharing leading-edge technologies and thinking,” said Riemann.

Explore new solutions

“This will be a great opportunity to meet colleagues, international co-exhibitors, specialists and our expert team to gather information and exchange new ideas and views while enjoying two days of practical presentations, inspiring talks and innovative demonstrations of our machines and solutions,” she explained.

Apart from Dividella, the Open House is will feature Medipak Systems, Mediseal, Rondo, Seidenader and Werum IT Solutions.

Industry 4.0

Speakers will include professional Alpine mountaineer and base jumper Stephan Siegrist and the similarly named but very different Dr. Stephan Sigrist, founder and head of the think tank W.I.R.E .who will talk about Industry 4.0, Innovation and new forms of production including 3D printing.

The Open House exhibition will feature live demonstrations of Dividella’s renowned NeoTOP x top loading cartoner showing highest flexibility for small to mid size lots.

Also the sister companies Mediseal, Rondo, Seidenader and Werum will show their newest technologies and solutions – for more information please visit

Places are free of charge and allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Delegates are asked to bear their own travel and accommodation costs.

About Dividella

Dividella AG, a member of the Korber Medipak Systems Group, specializes in developing and manufacturing packaging machinery for the pharmaceutical industry with specific expertise in packaging requirements for parenteral products. Based at Grabs in the canton of St. Gallen in eastern Switzerland, Dividella counts 20 of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies among its clients, including the entire top ten.

For more than three decades, Dividella has provided distinctive and highly effective solutions for secure and flexible packaging of pharmaceutical products. Its patented top-loading system forms the basis for solutions that have continually evolved to provide the most up-to-date, patient-friendly and environmentally responsible solutions for parenteral packaging.

Dividella provides complete secondary packaging solutions for medicinal products that can be difficult to stack, such as needles, injector pens, vials and syringes. Its TOPLoading solution enables product handling with extreme care and safety. Dividella patented feeding systems guarantee products are handled with care while maintaining high output.

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