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Dividella ACCELERATES high-output packaging with new NeoTRAY flagship cartoner

news-releasesDividella AG, a Körber Group company
March 26th 2018

Grabs, Switzerland: – Top-loading parenteral and secondary packaging specialist Dividella has set a new benchmark for high speed parenteral packaging with its latest NeoTRAY fully automatic family of cartoners that supports outputs up to 40 million packs per shift/year. This range of Cartoners is especially suited for high output, low product count packs.

Top loading and side loading combined

The NeoTRAY establishes an additional benchmark by operating with both the careful handling of a top loader and the high speed of a continuous motion side loading Cartoner.

The modular system allows for a broad range of applications for high volumes. It is particularly suitable for packaging parenteral administration forms including vials, syringes, injectors, pens, ampoules and cartridges as well as inhalers, nasal sprays and other applications.

NeoTRAY combines the recognized production and environmental advantages of 100% mono-material packs with Dividella’s emphasis on modular design and engineering as well as 40-years’ worth of experience in product handling to provide highly adaptable and customized feeding solutions.

The best of two worlds combined

No more having to choose between top loading flexibility and side loading speed. The NeoTRAY combines the best of both worlds in one machine. “With our patented top-loading technology, the products are gently placed into the open trays from above. Fast side-loading can manage large volumes of a wide variety of parenterals,” Christoph Hammer, Dividella CEO, added.

The NeoTRAY saves time and money: at an ACCELERATED rate. The intelligently designed cartoning machine processes up to 400 individual products or multipacks per minute while utilizing a best-in-class range of package formats ranging in size from 65x35x15 mm to 200x150x 110 mm.

To meet current and future regulatory requirements, the NeoTRAY also offers integrated solutions for tamper evident and child resistant packaging as well as Serialization functionality.

About NeoTRAY

NeoTRAY combines the best of both top-loading and side-loading cartoning technologies in one machine. With patented top-loading technology, the products are gently placed into the open trays from above. Fast side-loading can manage large volumes of a wide variety of parenterals.

NeoTRAY is designed to use 100 per cent monomaterials for more efficient and cost-saving packaging of the highest quality.

The NeoTRAY system comprises three principal modules:


  1. Tray Forming Module: This section feeds and forms trays from pre-glued die-cut blanks, with magazines positioned for high visibility and ease of access.
  2. Top Loading Module: Dividella’s state of the art infeeding systems top load the products in a continuous motion into the erected trays. In addition, other inline operations including: checking machine readable codes on the packaging, verifying the trays’ contents, and loading of leaflets and/or booklets are performed.
  3. Side Loading Module: After inserting of all products, the erected and filled trays arrive via the product conveyor at the sideloading Module where the tray is inserted into the carton. Additionally, cartons can be closed in a variety ways, including hot melt, various styles of tuck in flaps, and tamper evidence features.

The NeoTRAY features GMP compliant construction and is capable of producing packages that conform to Directive 2011/62/EU.

The debut for the Dividella NeoTRAY will be at Achema in June, 2018.

About Dividella

Dividella AG, a member of the Korber Medipak Systems Group, specializes in developing and manufacturing packaging machinery for the pharmaceutical industry with specific expertise in packaging requirements for parenteral products. Based in Grabs in the Canton of St. Gallen in eastern Switzerland, Dividella counts 20 of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies among its clients, including the entire top ten.

For four decades, Dividella has provided innovative and highly effective solutions for secure and flexible packaging of pharmaceutical products. Its patented top-loading systems form the basis for solutions that have continually evolved to provide the most up-to-date, patient-friendly and environmentally responsible solutions for parenteral packaging.

Dividella provides complete secondary packaging solutions for medicinal products that can be difficult to stack, such as needles, injector pens, vials and syringes. Its top-loading solution enables product handling with extreme care and safety. Dividella patented feeding systems guarantee that all products are handled with appropriate care while maintaining high output.

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