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Digital print proofing software packages

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May 30th 2014

MediaCheck is a family of products that digitally compare scanned images or PDF files with source PDF files to detect errors. This compact, easy-to-learn and cost-efficient package is able to detect even the smallest deviations, including pixel-sized flaws, spots or font changes.

MediaCheck allows pharmaceutical and life sciences companies to check the quality of delivered packaging by scanning and comparing them with a PDF file. The system leads the user through each deviation from original design, allowing it to be individually evaluated and notated. The final results report can be saved as a PDF or printed out.

This quick and reliable detection of deviations saves time as well as cost, allowing a single person to check a wide range of cartons, package inserts, labels and many other packaging goods quickly and with ease.

Experience with regulated industries has allowed tec4check design MediaCheck to generate necessary documentation.

Software Packages

MediaCheck’s design focuses on providing users with ultra-accurate control combined with minimal inputs and supervision. This uses sequential processing, one test at a time. This is a fully stand-alone solution, featuring a streamlined easy-to-use interface that guides the user through a simple four step proofing process:

  1. Define the job by loading source pdf file
  2. Load or scan target image sample
  3. Evaluate result
  4. Generate correction protocol

The software takes care of everything else automatically. For example, when a user defines a job and adds references, their location and rotation are automatically identified and oriented, with colours and geometry optionally adapted to allow comparison to take place.

The system is highly configurable and adaptable to individual needs and workflows. It is also easily scalable to the throughput needed, available in three versions, MediaCheck Light, MediaCheck Medium and MediaCheck Workflow.


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