Challenges for Therapeutic Peptides

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Challenges for Therapeutic Peptides

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Challenges for Therapeutic Peptides

The number of therapeutic peptides receiving regulatory approval has increased significantly in recent years. However there are still many challenges before this class of therapeutics achieves broad acceptance, in particular:

• Rapid “in vivo” elimination
• Cost of goods
• Stability
• Lack of oral bioavailability

Many pharmaceutical and biotech companies address these issues in a sequential manner late in development rather than evaluating them at an early phase. Rodney Lax (Senior Director of Business Development, PolyPeptide Group) and Christopher Meenan (CEO, Araya Biosciences) review the challenges faced by the peptide manufacturing industry from an insider’s point of view. Part 1 of a two-part article discusses how a more holistic approach to developing peptide drug products might be a better recipe for success.

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Challenges for Therapeutic Peptides

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