Challenge extended – testing viscous and high-protein product packaging

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July 21st 2021

Quality control regulations are progressively stringent regarding the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Packaging of products with high viscosity or a high protein concentration are particularly difficult to test. Why?

  • Products can temporarily plug a hole, preventing leakage, and compromising leak test results
  • Product characteristics typically provide challenges to traditional quality control methods

The result? A false positive. Don’t risk passing a product that actually is not up to regulatory standards.

Take five minutes to learn about what you should consider when choosing an inspection system manufacturer for your high viscous and high protein products. Testing another type of product? There is still lots to learn in this article about uniting test method technologies and customized solutions. Check it out today! Or contact us directly to learn how we can solve your package inspection challenges.

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Challenge extended – testing viscous and high-protein product packaging