CBDepot Manufacturing of GMP cannabidiol (CBD)

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October 5th 2022

One of CBDepot’s most important product groups is Cannabinol manufactured to pharma-grade EU GMP standards.

CBDepot is able to extract and isolate CBD from Cannabis sativa L. plants grown under GACP conditions and also to synthesize it.

From its founding in 2014, CBDepot has been a pioneer in the manufacture of high-quality natural and synthesized cannabinoids and has led efforts to establish legal and quality standards for cannabinoid-specific ingredients that have a fast-growing presence in sectors including pharmaceuticals and magistral formulas.

The CBDepot group is now a European leader in EU GMP cannabinoid manufacture, producing both cannabidiol and cannabigerol in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice regulatory guidelines.

EU GMP cannabinoid manufacturing

During 2017, CBDepot became the first company in the EU to offer isolated EU GMP CBD via third-party contract manufacturing in Prague.

In June 2020, the Czech National Competent Authority State Institute for Drug Control issued a certificate of GMP Compliance to CBDepot Group member CB21 Pharma s.r.o to cover the EU GMP manufacture of Cannabidiol as active pharma ingredients at its new facilities in Brno.

CBDepot is thus able to offer pharmaceutical markets both synthesized and isolated Cannabidiol APIs via sister company CB21 Pharma.

ICH Zone II and IVb long-term stability studies have now been ongoing since 2021.

More exciting cannabinoid APIs are in the pipeline in the first and the second quarter of 2023. The Czech National Competent Authority will be invited to conduct an audit at the end of this year to review additional processes being currently implemented.


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CBDepot Manufacturing of GMP cannabidiol (CBD)

CBDepot can process isolated and synthetic cannabidiol (CBD) into pharma-grade purity powders that meet cGMP standards.