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    Biosynth showcasing antibody, epitope mapping and peptide capabilities at Festival of Biologics Basel 2023

    October 3rd 2023

    Staad, Switzerland: – Complex Chemicals, Peptides and Key Biologics specialist manufacturer and developer Biosynth AG will be an exhibitor in Switzerland’s annual Festival of Biologics in Basel from October 10-12.

    The Biosynth exhibition stand at Booth 1018 in Hall 1 of the Basel Messe expo center will highlight the activities of its different divisions, including antibody production, custom enzymes, epitope mapping, drug discovery and chemo enzymatic peptide synthesis.

    Specialist expertise

    The Biosynth team in Basel will be led by Product Specialists Dr. Anna Degen and Director of Epitope Mapping, Dr. Dennis Flierman.

    Dr. Flierman commented: “The 2023 Festival is expected to attract more than 2,500 people including many of Europe’s leading decision-makers in biological therapy production and this provides us with an excellent platform to showcase our abilities to deliver excellence in epitope mapping, and peptide synthesis at small and large scale, as well as our impressive GMP manufacturing facilities.”

    “We also have extensive experience in neoantigen peptides and library production that we are ready to highlight,” Dr. Flierman added.

    Biologics portfolio

    Biosynth’s recent integration of Aalto Bio Reagents and Fitzgerald Industries International into its family has enabled the creation of a Biosynth Biologics Division with a broad spectrum of capabilities, including specialized biological reagents and an extensive range of antibodies, proteins and ELISA kits.

    The group structure now brings together chemistry, biology, peptide and biotech capabilities to form a complete offer of science-led services, end-to-end manufacturing capabilities, and high-quality materials. This has allowed the construction of a one-stop-shop proposition to industry and a research products catalog now containing more than a million items.

    About Biosynth

    Biosynth is a multinational life sciences reagents, custom synthesis and manufacturing services enterprise. Biosynth is playing a leading part in driving pharmaceutical and biotech innovation by supplying critical raw materials and services to the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries as its core mission.

    The Biosynth vision is to consolidate the highly fragmented and complex supply chain. Biosynth increases productivity of the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industries by improving availability and reducing time-to-market of new therapies and diagnostics assays, acting as a strategic partner to many leading pharma and biotech players.

    Founded in 1966, Biosynth’s heritage and newly evolved multinational structure positions the company at the leading edge of innovation, able to combine chemistry with biology and products with services to construct a leading-edge research product portfolio comprising more than one million products.

    Its end-to-end manufacturing services encompass fine chemicals, peptides and key biologics as part of a one-stop-shop overall offer.

    Learn more at

    About Festival of Biologics 2023

    The Festival of Biologics hosted annually in Basel, Switzerland, has become one of Europe’s most compelling events for reviewing the latest developments in bringing new leading-edge therapies to market.

    The conference brings together academics, research institutes and leading commercial players to share their experiences, create new partnerships and tackle the clinical trials, manufacturing and commercial challenges involved in biological therapies. Multiple conference tracks focus on specialist areas such as drug discovery, development, clinical trials, manufacturing, pricing and market access.

    The 2023 Festival is a three-day event opening October 10 in Hall 1 of the Messe conference center in Basel.  It is expected to attract more than 2,500 attendees, some 150 exhibitors and will feature more than 350 speakers.

    The event is organized by Terrapinn with further information at:


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    Biosynth showcasing antibody, epitope mapping and peptide capabilities at Festival of Biologics Basel 2023
    Biosynth showcasing antibody, epitope mapping and peptide capabilities at Festival of Biologics Basel 2023

    Dr. Dennis Flierman, Director Epitope Mapping, Biosynth AG.

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