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    Biosynth e-book: Nucleosides, Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids Toolbox Part. 2

    February 20th 2024

    Biosynth has released the second part of its series of eBook digital toolbox guides to small molecule nucleosides and nucleotides, their analogs, and oligo- and polymers.

    The Nucleosides, Nucleotides & Nucleic Acids Toolbox series is designed to serve as a primer and summary for those interested in this class of molecules that are playing an ever more important part in the next generation of therapies and drug development.

    Research milestones

    Part 1 of ‘Nucleosides and Nucleotides, Chemistry, Structures, Modifications & Analysis’ provides a guide on the basic characteristics and chemical structures of these small molecule substances, as well as some of their important applications in the life- and medical sciences.

    Part 2 of the book, The Nucleic Acids Toolbox, builds on this understanding by tracing the research and development history of nucleoside science, including the initial discovery of the oligomers, including DNA and RNA, our molecules of inheritance.  It also highlights how nucleosides and nucleotides play crucial roles in storing genetic information and participating in diverse cellular functions, including cell signaling, metabolism, and gene expression.

    Comprehensive guide

    The second eBook also discusses emerging applications for nucleotides in drug development, notably for addressing viral infections and cancer, with sections that include:

    • The development of genetic science from nucleic acids to DNA
    • The covalent chemistry of DNA
    • The mechanisms of DNA replication and transcription
    • DNA and RNA isolation techniques
    • Nucleic acid sequencing
    • PCR Polymerase Chain Reaction processes
    • Nucleic acid synthesis
    • Nucleic acid applications.

    The Pt. 2 guide is co-authored by Dr. Chris Lawson, a senior adviser to Biosynth with more than 40 publications to his name, and Dr. John Birch, an expert in process technology, who has authored more than 80 papers and was honored by The Institution of Chemical Engineers for outstanding services in the field of Biochemical Engineering.

    In combination, the complementary handbooks form a complete guide to nucleosides across the building blocks from basic substances to complex oligomers that allow genetic material to store information.

    As experts in the field of nucleosides and nucleotides, Biosynth has produced this eBook series to provide a valuable resource for scientists, researchers, students, and everyone interested in this increasingly important topic.


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