BioFinland acknowledges Biovian’s biopharmaceutical strengths with Finnish Fair Foundation Award

BioFinland acknowledges Biovian’s biopharmaceutical strengths with Finnish Fair Foundation Award

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MARCH 18, 2015

Turku, Finland: – The Turku-based bioindustry company Biovian Oy has won the BioFinland prize granted by the Finnish Fair Foundation and Finnish Bioindustries FIB. Biovian Oy specialises in research and production utilising biotechnology and is also internationally acknowledged as one of the top companies in its line of business.

Biovian Oy was founded in 2003 and it is a privately owned company offering research and contract manufacturing. It offers an extensive array of services in the field of biopharmaceuticals; contract manufacturing, analysis, process development and scaling.

Biovian’s clients include companies specialising in developing new drugs. Biovian covers services from early development to finished vials on an one-stop-shop basis. The facilities are EMA (European Medicines Agency) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certified for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) production of investigational and commercial products.

In addition to numerous smaller projects, Biovian Oy handles extensive development and manufacturing processes for its clients each year. For instance, recombinant protein production in E.Coli bacteria, producing therapeutic antidotes in mammalian cells, and virus based products for gene therapy in the treatment of cancer. Biovian also provides extensive quality control services and analysis.

The jury appointed by Finnish Bioindustries FIB states that due to its persistent income financing policy, the company has been profitable since its very beginning. The success of Biovian Oy is also based on keeping both knowledge and expertise constantly up-to-date, Biovian Oy truly promotes the brand of Finnish high-quality.

Biovian Oy operates in the heart of the industry, utilising the latest biotechnology in its products and services. It invests in the latest technology and creates jobs in its hometown Turku. The company has steadily grown its revenue, most of it coming from exports (70-80 %). In 2013 the company’s turnover was 3,4 million €, and in 2014 already approximately 5,5 million €.

“Biovian Oy operates in the very heart of the industry utilising biotechnologies. It is truly in the league of its own in Finland as a contract manufacturer of biopharmaceuticals”, states Timo Veromaa, Chairman of Finnish Bioindustries FIB.

The €5,000 BioFinland prize is awarded by the Finnish Fair Foundation to a company, person, group, or community selected by a jury gathered by Finnish Bioindustries FIB. This year the prize is awarded for the fifth time at the ChemBio Finland exhibition. In the previous years the award has been granted to Finnzymes Oy (2007), Biosilta Oy (2009), Oncos Therapeutics (2011) and Glykos Finland Oy (2013). The BioFinland prize is awarded to a Finnish person, group, community, or enterprise which has developed a bioindustry innovation that has the potential of being further developed into an internationally acknowledged product or service.

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