Bioassay brings mRNA offerings to Vaccines Europe Berlin

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September 12th 2023

Heidelberg, Germany: – Specialist bioanalytical contract laboratory Bioassay GmbH will present its leading-edge messenger RNA (mRNA) services at the 2023 Vaccines Europe conference in Berlin.

Bioassay will take advantage of the meeting’s networking sessions to present advantages of its   mRNA vaccine development and validation platform, developed to support testing of the new generation of vaccines whose development was spurred by the SARS Covid-19 pandemic.

GxP mRNA vaccine platform

The new Bioassay platform can be used to assess potency of mRNA vaccines including for all SARS CoV-2 variants, using a flow cytometry based analytical method and a time-efficient two-day protocol for measurement of antibody binding to spike protein following transfection. Bioassay has developed proof of concept on the platform to include a broad range of mRNA applications.

The robust and precise assay is optimized by testing a wide variety of parameters and is suitable for batch release and stability evaluation under cGMP conditions.

NextGen vaccine development

The Bioassay team in Berlin will be led by its Director of Business Development, Dr. Luisa Duque, who commented: “Bioassay’s mRNA vaccine offerings are highly relevant to this audience and to a meeting that is so intently focused on development challenges for next generation RNA-based vaccines.”

Bioassay’s discussions will also focus on new application opportunities for its extensive portfolio of specific peptide synthesis and analysis services, sitting alongside its potency assays and other functional bioanalytical and biopharma assays.

About Bioassay GmbH

Bioassay GmbH is a bioanalytical contract laboratory (CRO) specializing in the development, validation and routine performance of bioanalytical assays in the areas of Pharmacology and Toxicology.

Bioassay serves clients in the biotechnology, chemistry and cosmetics sectors and is particularly expert in carrying out potency assays under GMP for biopharmaceuticals, including therapeutic antibodies, hormones and cytokines. It offers a range of services based on in-vivo and in-vitro systems including potency assays (GMP) and toxicity Studies (GLP).

The Bioassay services portfolio focuses on the critical investigation areas of potency, efficacy, and safety, with panels that incorporate a wide range of specialized models and techniques.

Bioassay GmbH was privately founded in 2002 and since 2022 has formed part of the Reaction Biology Corporation. The company is located at Heidelberg’s Technology Park as part of a cluster of innovative biotech companies and institutions with links to Heidelberg University.

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About Vaccines Europe 2023

Vaccines Europe 2023 brings together global pharma, biotech and academia leaders in vaccine research and technologies for high-level discussions on the latest innovations concerning vaccines discovery, therapeutics & manufacturing.

The 2023 Vaccines Europe meeting is a two-day event opening September 14 at the Hortel Palace, Berlin, featuring  multiple conference tracks that will cover topics including next generation vaccine platform development, collaborative approaches in cancer vaccines, and strategies for mRNA, DNA, and rapid response platforms

Keynote speakers will include Daniela Kleine-Kohlbrecher of Evaxion Biotech, Martijn Wapenaar of Janssen Pharmaceutical,  Elisa Scarselli from Nouscom, and Daniel-Larocque, of Sanofi.

The event is organized by Oxford Global with further information at:


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Independent Contract Laboratory specializing in the development, validation and routine performance of bioanalytical assays in the Life Science area

Bioassay brings mRNA offerings to Vaccines Europe Berlin

Dr. Liuisa Duque will lead Bioassay presence at Vaccines Europe Berlin.