B Medical Systems White Paper – Reliable Ultra-Low Freezers for Safe Storage

white-paperB Medical Systems
August 23rd 2021

A White Paper on security of Ultra-Low Freezers from B Medical Systems, the Luxembourg-based pioneering manufacturer of medical devices, details the various technologies that maximise the reliability and safety of its specialised products.

ULT freezer reliability has become a ‘hot topic’ for the pharma and healthcare industries in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic as it emphasised the need for secure vaccine storage.

The White Paper Reliable Ultra-Low Freezers for Safe Storage from B Medical Systems points out that the reliability of ultra-low freezers is extremely critical to the safe storage of samples, as any breakdown can result in the catastrophic loss of potentially irreplaceable samples.

State-of-the-art features

The paper presents the features and technologies allowing B Medical Systems’ Ultra-Low Freezers to offer state-of-the-art reliability, which in turn can provide maximum safety for long-term specimen storage.

These include:

    • Uniform Temperature Distribution: Ability to maintain homogeneous air circulation to ensure constant and even temperature distribution across the entire cabinet using a static cooling system combined with high efficiency insulated inner doors, improved gasket seals, frames, insulation and vacuum valves.
    • Fast pull down and recovery: B Medical Systems’ optimised refrigeration system offers superior pull down times. The provision of separate inner doors substantially improves the chances of obtaining a very fast temperature recovery following door openings.
    • Reliable Holdover Time: The ability to maintain a safe temperature inside the cabinet for a significant time following issues such as power failures, is a further key factor in maintaining specimen safety. B Medical Systems’ ULT freezers extend holdover times using silicon and foam gaskets for stronger sealing, along with good thermal insulation, inner doors made of aluminium, and vacuum insulated panels with polyurethane foam to prevent cold losses and maintain the temperature inside the cabinet. Additionally, magnetic seals and the enhanced frame design prevent ambient air from seeping in and cause temperature changes.
    • Optimised Refrigeration System: B Medical Systems’ advanced refrigeration technology not only ensures uniform temperature distribution, but also enables maximum heat exchange and efficient oil management, thereby delivering maximum protection to the compressors. Copper tube plate evaporators allow for an even cooling flow distribution and maximise the surface area contact. Additionally, the use of natural refrigerants and the coalescing oil separator reduce the possibility of oil blockage problems, thereby reducing the risks of compressor failure and extending the compressor’s service life.
    • Advanced Alarm and Monitoring Systems: Ultra-low freezers from B Medical Systems are designed with integrated audio-visual alarms and are compatible with the company’s cloud-based remote monitoring software, °B Connected, which operates independently to enable holistic remote monitoring of ultra-low freezers, including the acquisition, recording and visualisation of temperature data that can be accessed via the web. Moreover, this software enables alerts forwarding via email or SMS in case of any problem. All of B Medical Systems’ ultra-low freezers come with dedicated alarm and backup systems for 24/7 sample safety. Furthermore, an integrated rechargeable battery maintains these monitoring and alarm functions for at least 48 hrs during any interruption of the power supply. Additional security is provided by access card entry authorisation, manual override lock mechanisms, and an optional CO2 backup system.
      Finally, B Medical Systems’ ULTs are also compatible with the company’s remote monitoring temperature devices (RTMD), which offer:

      • Real time monitoring of temperature(s), lid openings & GPS position
      • Includes a SIM chip with prepaid communication for the duration of the warranty period contractually agreed.
      • Crucial for the quality surveillance of the Cold Chain and monitoring of vaccines
      • Rechargeable battery
      • Worldwide remote monitoring & data access over WEB
      • Only 2G or 3G coverage is necessary to operate
      • Google Maps positioning using integrated GPS module
      • Alarms include temperature deviations and lid openings
      • Alarms are send by text messages or emails
      • Works on both SDD and AC installations

    In all these different ways, the White Paper illustrates how B Medical Systems’ ultra-low freezers provide safe, uniform, and reliable storage conditions for any valuable specimens stored inside them, offering protection against failures that could destroy precious samples and therefore undermine the priceless research efforts of scientists.


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