B Medical Systems’ Real-Time Monitoring Solutions

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September 28th 2021

B Medical Systems offers solutions for remote, real-time monitoring of vaccine, blood and other cold chain equipment with its innovative real-time monitoring devices.

This technology allows real time remote monitoring of refrigeration devices’ temperatures, lid/door openings and GPS position (location), all accessible on the internet from anywhere in the world. These devices are crucial for the quality surveillance of the temperature-controlled storage environments for vaccines, medicines and samples.

Remote Temperature Monitoring Device’s features

The compact and robust B Medical Systems’ RTMD is based on innovative but robust technology and will work anywhere where 2G or 3G cellphone coverage is available.

The device includes a SIM chip with prepaid communication covering the duration of warranty period.

The RTMD monitors cold chain equipment’s inner chamber storage and external ambient temperatures in real time, while also tracking its GPS position (via Google Maps), retaining a full, always accessible data record. The device will immediately alert the user or any designated services via SMS and email alerts of any temperature excursions, lid openings and deviations from pre-set parameters that could endanger the stability of the biologicals stored inside the cold chain products. All data and device settings are globally accessible via a Web Browser.

The logger will operate on both solar-powered SDD and AC main powers, on ultra-low freezers and plasma storage freezers, and includes a rechargeable battery to maintain uninterrupted coverage in case of loss of power supply.

°B Connected monitoring system

B Medical Systems’ °B Connected software platform provides a universal solution for the monitoring and management of data from an extended selection of medical refrigeration devices, including the acquisition, recording and visualization of their temperature readings.

The °B Connected software is uniquely tailored to the requirements of B Medical Systems’ full ranges of Blood Management Solutions and Medical Refrigeration active products, with a web-based interface that allows access from both computers and mobile devices.

The modern user interface allows for simple and intuitive use, offering visual displays of temperature curves, integrated events and activity history, data recording on a centralized database for long-term archiving, and generation of reports compiling crucial data and activities, compliant with technical controls of 21 CFR Part 11 regulation (Subpart A and B).

°B Connected allows for the easy setting of specific alarm forwarding via email or SMS messages. Moreover, REST API ensures access to raw data directly from the database in read only mode, and the software allows all temperature and detailed device data to be directly exportable to third-party programs.


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B Medical Systems’ Real-Time Monitoring Solutions

B Medical Systems’ Remote Temperature Monitoring Device features robust construction and offers web-based global real-time monitoring of temperature(s), lid openings & GPS position of a wide range of products.

B Medical Systems’ Real-Time Monitoring Solutions

B Medical Systems’ °B Connected Software is a universal solution for the monitoring and management of data, including the acquisition, recording and visualization of temperature readings of a wide range of products.