AutoTest 4 with EasyTouch™ Tablet Testing System

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AutoTest 4 with EasyTouch Tablet Testing System

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Supplier Product: AutoTest 4 with EasyTouch Tablet Testing System
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AutoTest 4 with EasyTouch Tablet Testing System

AutoTest 4 EasyTouch Tablet Testing System

The AutoTest 4 with the new integrated EasyTouch interface allows stand-alone operation, including the printing of test reports via Ethernet LAN on a network printer. Using a unique transport rake system, virtually all tablet shapes can be tested and reliably orientated. The AutoTest 4 has a solid vibration-resistant construction with high-end materials, making it the ideal choice for both quality control departments as well as for fully automatic in process control (ICP) integrated with a tablet press.

For more information or to discuss the AutoTest 4 with EasyTouch™ tablet testing system please contact Dr. Schleuniger Pharmatron directly.

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