Automatic 100% Testing = Automatic 100% Quality

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September 30th 2021

Hello from the B.E. Exchange team,

International regulations and GMPs in many countries increasingly are recommending deterministic and non-probabilistic testing method of all products put into the market. Container integrity testing helps you to meet these regulations and guidelines, but how can you ensure the integrity of every container you produce without affecting the efficiency of your production line?

You may wonder:

  1. Why should I leak test my products before marketing them?
  2. Is testing 100% of my production cost effective?
  3. How reliable are automatic tests?
  4. Can automated tests be run at the speed of my line?
  5. How long does testing equipment last?

Answering these five questions can help you determine whether automatic leak testing is right for your production line. Read more to better understand these questions and how Bonfiglioli Engineering can help you answer them.

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Automatic 100% Testing = Automatic 100% Quality