Are you prepared for the unexpected?

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January 14th 2022

Hello from the B.E. Exchange team,

Bonfiglioli Engineering designs testing equipment to operate for the long haul. We begin by choosing the right materials for equipment that delivers reliable service for the long term. But any mechanical device requires attention to maintain optimal performance, and emergencies are by definition unexpected. So how can you prepare for scheduled and unscheduled downtime to keep your equipment running efficiently?

Talk with the Bonfiglioli Engineering team about your equipment and operations. We can help you:

  • Establish a maintenance schedule
  • Determine which spare parts you should keep on hand
  • Identify opportunities to upgrade your equipment

Read here to find out more about how Bonfiglioli Engineering can help you prepare.

Bonfiglioli Engineering is focused on keeping you online. In conjunction with on-site service, we offer secure remote support with EWON® for system calibration, emergency assistance, and operator training, and can assist on-site technicians through diagnosis and repair.

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Bonfiglioli Engineering, your trusted partner in packaging inspection.


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Are you prepared for the unexpected?