AqVida Maintains Short Lead Times

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AqVida Maintains Short Lead Times

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DECEMBER 20, 2012

AqVida Maintains Short Lead Times

German pharmaceutical company AqVida, has announced that, despite scarce production capacities for oncology products in Europe, it has been able to maintain short lead-times throughout 2012. The company is predicting a growth rate of 50% for 2012, partially due to its reliability to maintain a continuous supply of its products.

AqVida believes its well established infrastructure has resulted in it being able to successfully manage the supply of its products. Wolfgang Heinze, CEO said, “We have been very careful in selecting partners who do have capacity. This careful selection, along with increased batch sizes, has meant that we are capable of delivering products like Paclitaxel and Oxaliplatin with comparably short lead-times.”

The company expects that the demand for products produced under EU GMP standards will increase in 2013 resulting in further growth of its business, not only in Europe but worldwide.

About AqVida
AqVida specializes in the development, registration and supply of generic oncology products and biosimilars to become a leading partner in the pharmaceutical industry. The company has offices in Hamburg, Munich and Hangzhou China.

AqVida works alongside some of the major companies in the market of oncology products. Together with its partners AqVida has achieved substantial development and growth with several of its products. Its portfolio includes e.g. Paclitaxel, Oxaliplatin and Docetaxel.

As a pharmaceutical company AqVida fulfills all requirements, from API sourcing up to EU market release for the finished product. Experts in pharmaceutical development, regulatory affairs, patent issues and laboratory work closely together to achieve the best results for its client.

It offers products under the AqVida brand or under partners’ brands in the EU and less regulated markets.

AqVida complies with all German and EU legal requirements for the pharmaceutical industry including, EU-GMP, AMG and AMWHV and is also GMP certified by the German Health Authorities. As a European organization, AqVida understands the vast and highly regulated European market and has the knowledge and resources to provide regulatory support. It is also able to assist manufacturers outside the EU and help them enter the European market.

AqVida has established its business on core principles which it believes are essential to succeed in the pharmaceutical industry.

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