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AqVida bringing fast marketing oncology offers to euroPLX Munich

news-releasesAqVida GmbH
May 28th 2015

Hamburg, Germany: – Innovative German oncology development company, AqVida GmbH / Hamburg, will be among the elite of European drug developers registered to attend the prestige licensing and networking event EuroPLX during the first two days of June.

AqVida will use the event as a platform to meet new potential business partners for licensing its impressive oncology portfolio.

This includes oncology generic products like Imatinib, Oxaliplatin, Paclitaxel, Irinotecan, Docetaxel and Gemcitabine as well as its new generic generation like Sunitinib, now being manufactured in a non-patent-infringing territory.

Speed to market

AqVida will hope to capitalize on its distinctive ability to offer speed to market, with spare European licenses on offer for immediate transfer on its core portfolio of injectables. For instance it can offer German market approval (MA) by end 2015 for its Imatinib capsules currently under DCP/registration procedures. Additionally it can transfer immediately licenses of Docetaxel, Paclitaxel, Oxaliplatin, as well as offers licensing opportunities for Sunitinib capsules now in advanced development stage, ready for filing in Europe immediately at the expiration of the DEP (Data Exclusivity Period) mid 2016. The Sunitinib patent expires in 2021 in most European countries, with capability to supply markets prior to patent expire into countries where no patent applies, commencing January 2016. The active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and finished dosage form (FDFs) of Sunitinib is manufactured in a patent-free zone.

The AqVida team at EuroPLX will also be able to offer fast marketing on Docetaxel solution for 20mg/ml infusion, with 20 MAs granted throughout Europe, incl. 2x at EU-TOP5 status.

Oncology offers and opportunities

Jürgen Lehmberg, Commercial Director at AqVida, will lead the company’s team at EuroPLX.

“The EuroPLX partner conference is the ideal tool for networking, business development and licensing opportunities,” said Mr. Lehmberg.

In particular the pan-European and global scope of this event, with the opportunity to meet up to 100 potential business contacts within two days makes the EuroPLX an essential event for us,” he added.

AqVida is specialized and fully dedicated to development, manufacturing and licensing oncology FDFs.

Celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, AqVida has been growing rapidly in recent years, with new capacity shortly to come on stream from a new, novel and innovative manufacturing site. This will increase the company’s capacity for outsourced development of new generics and biosimilars.

About AqVida

AqVida GmbH is a German pharmaceutical company specializing in the fast-track development registration and distribution of finished dosage forms mainly in the oncology sector. It has developed a portfolio of medicines for treating the most common types of cancer.

AqVida’s expertise in the development, registration and supply of generic oncology products and biosimilars has made the company a leading partner in the pharmaceutical industry.

AqVida works alongside some of the major companies in the market of oncology products. Together with its licensing partners AqVida has achieved substantial growth and market share in Germany with its oncology portfolio and currently expands its activities inside EU markets.

After having developed and launched several oncology parenteral forms such as e.g. Paclitaxel, Docetaxel and Oxaliplatin, AqVida and its partner company, Benavis, have started development work on the ‘tinib’ series of molecular targeted anti-cancer molecules. AqVida is also developing other molecular targeted anti-cancer molecules, such as Sunitinib.

About euroPLX

The 58th European Partner Licensing Exchange (EuroPLX 58) is a two-day event opening June 1 at the 5-star Hotel Sofitel Munich Bayerpost in the heart of the Bavarian capital.

Over almost 20 years, the EuroPLX cycle of events has facilitated continuous business development and pharma deals. Each cycle culminates in a conference after an extensive period of information exchange between registrants who seek and offer business opportunities.

Pharmaceutical business development decision makers, CEOs, owners, vice presidents, directors, and BD&L managers responsible for drug development, production and marketing attend EuroPLX to find new business and partnering opportunities. Each event delivers on average around 25 pre-scheduled appointments per participating company. All 150 places available for EuroPLX were reserved several weeks before the event.

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