AI-Augmented Visual Inspection Continually Refines Quality Assurance

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November 24th 2021

Hello from the B.E. Exchange team,

To guarantee product quality and protect patients, visual inspection of pharmaceuticals is required by international agencies. Many manufacturers have realized the benefits of automated visual inspection (AVI), including improved accuracy and speed.

Can AI make AVI even better? Bonfiglioli Engineering believes it can.

Traditional algorithms for analyzing visual inspection data work from a set library of defects. Because of the capabilities of machine learning, AI analysis of images continually refines a defect library as more products are inspected. As a result, visual inspections become increasingly precise, delivering accurate results even in unexpected situations.

In addition to ensuring quality in parenteral drugs, Bonfiglioli Engineering employs AI for the most challenging AVI applications, such as detecting defects in lyo cakes or finding cosmetic defects on a container.  How can incorporating AI into your visual inspection process help you achieve greater quality assurance in your pharmaceutical products?

Find out more about how Bonfiglioli Engineering is pushing the inspection industry forward by incorporating AI into inspection equipment.

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AI-Augmented Visual Inspection Continually Refines Quality Assurance