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Monaco-based ZENATEK S.a.r.l (Zenatek) is a specialist solutions provider focused on the study, conception/design, realization, installation, maintenance, purchase, sale, rental and management of technological network infrastructures for data and signal transmissions that have applications across pharmaceutical and healthcare logistics and value chains.

Zenatek also specializes on systems implementation for control and industrial automation and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) creating innovative solutions to enhance work and improve security. Zenatek successfully works in all areas of applications including software architecture, set up for transmitting data and signs, collaborative circles and high level management systems and is committed to continual technological research.

These solutions are applicable across a range of industries including pharma and biotech, transportation & distribution, assets & heavy plant (agricultural, earth moving equipment, etc.), oil & gas, government & defence, perishables and temperature-controlled foodstuffs.

Services and technology

One of Zenatek’s core business areas is real-time tracking and monitoring, implemented via the Zenatek Tracking System (ZTS), which has an internal receiver that is compatible with GPS and GLONASS standards, and is also Galileo-ready to provide an accurate geographical position for a monitored shipment to any point. ZTS has applications across many industrial sectors, including healthcare, pharma, biotech, temperature-controlled shipping and cool chain logistics.

Zenatek is a world leader in proposing and developing an international tracking service delivered via the disposable Zenatek Tracking Device (ZTD) that saves the user money and resources in avoiding device recovery and return. The ZTD and the data-based software that allows clients real-time control over shipping operations are both proprietary technologies.


Zenatek offers three main products:

ZTS Zenatek Tracking System: A highly reliable and innovative technology-based service based on a self-powered, energy-efficient device, easily installed and configured for any shipment, which allows users to track position and temperature, and also detects unattended intrusions or incorrect handling. In its latest iteration, it can also alert users to undesirable levels of luminance or humidity, or abrupt decelerations in transport. The device is combined with a web-based IT platform that allows end-users to determine the location of their cargo with high accuracy, receive email alerts of any excursions from defined criteria and upload/download documentation, such as bills of lading.

iJoin: a powerful collaborative design tool enabling users to build promotional documents based on configurable templates. iJoin is based on a robust new document-processing engine that enables users to apply accepted business rules for efficient promotional material development. This new Zenatek engine enables clients to cut production times, reduce revisions and drastically improve efficiency without imposing additional burdens on their IT departments. The iJoin graphic user interface (GUI) is based on Web 2.0 and RWD design principles for full compatibility with current HTML5 browsers and mobile devices.

iView: a Business Intelligence solution that enables users to extract meaningful, real-time information and reports from masses of available raw data. The solution allows clients to remove information silos and promote collaboration and seamless information exchange across the whole organization, providing self-service intelligence tools that are both configurable and user-friendly.

Structure and history:

Zenatek was founded in 2008 by its current CEO, Ennio Zanotti, based on previous experience running a logistics company that dispatched containers worldwide. In particular, he noted how many containers suffered loss, damage or tampering and delays in transit, affecting temperature-controlled perishable goods.

Mr. Zanotti founded Zenatek with mission of enabling shippers to be able to monitor the status of shipments in real time, regardless of location, initially using the ZTD disposable tracking device.

Since then, Zenatek has grown into a group of three companies, with the holding company Zenatek S.a.r.l. based in Monaco, Zenatek Inc. in New York and Zenatek S.p.A. in Italy. The structure provides Zenatek with a global presence allowing it to act as partner of choice to organisations seeking to keep control of the distribution and logistics processes of their shipments.

Quality and Regulatory

Zenatek is certified to ISO 9001:2015; IP 65 & IP 67 quality standards. It also possesses CE; FCC and HERO Certification.

Zenatek ensures quality across the value chain by making real-time logistics data available as soon as its devices are installed. This allows clients to store documentation within the Zenatek web-based application. Alerts are sent via GPRS to the user, who is able to view the cargo’s position and determine the type of alert.

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