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Zenatek Introduce Its Zenatek Tracking System (ZTS) at Pharma Chain Strategy Conference 2013

news-releasesZENATEK S.a.r.l.
May 23rd 2013

Zenatek, the ICT specialists, are delighted to announce that they will be attending the Pharma Chain Strategy Conference 2013 on 4th – 5th June.

The Pharma Chain Strategy Conference will be held in Geneva, Switzerland where Zenatek will be showcasing their innovative solution systems. Speaking about the event, Zenatek’s CEO Ennio Zanotti said “we are very excited to be able to present our solutions to pharmaceutical companies and distributors and to demonstrate the great benefits our products can offer to meet the strict regulations faced by pharmaceutical industry”.

Ennio Zanotti will conduct a short presentation at the event introducing the unique Zenatek Tracking System (ZTS). The ZTS is a highly sophisticated tracking, monitoring and reporting system offered to the pharmaceutical industry to ensure products remain fit for purpose during transit. The system provides security and confidence that goods will be delivered on time and in the proper conditions. A real-time monitoring system keeps track of the shipment monitoring product temperature changes, opening of container doors and records any risk the product has been exposed to. The ZTS is able to send live updates via an internet connection and users can monitor their goods from departure to destination directly from any computer, laptop or mobile devices, anywhere in the world. This real time information allows users to have control and have the option to take action to minimise damage. The ZTS offers full transparency and helps determine accountability for any damage that has occurred during entire transport process. Attendees are invited to visit and see how the system works.

Those wishing to arrange a meeting with the Zenatek team during the event can do so by contacting Ennio Zanotti on or Erika Zanotti on

About Zenatek S.a.r.l.
Zenatek specialises in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) creating innovative solutions to enhance your work and improve security. We successfully work in all areas of applications including software architecture, set up for transmitting data and signs, collaborative circles and high level management systems.

We are dedicated to investing in the necessary resources to keep up with the market demand and committed to continual technological research. Zenatek is a true partner with the knowledge and technical competence.

Zenatek is composed of 3 companies – Zenatek S.a.r.l. based in Monaco, Zenatek Inc. based in New York and Zenatek S.p.A. based in Italy – giving Zenatek a truly global presence and preferred partner of choice to organisations seeking to keep control of the distribution and logistics processes of their shipments.

About Pharma Chain Strategy Conference
The Pharma Chain Strategy Conference organised by Strategy Insights will be covering the key areas of Cold Chain, Security and Freight & Logistics topics. The Pharma Chain Strategy Group tackles today’s most pertinent pharmaceutical supply chain issues that will ensure mutual improvement, boosted productivity and heightened efficiency gains.

ZENATEK S.a.r.l.
Tel: +377 93 50 12 65

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