Why Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers are Essential for Cell and Gene Therapy Workflows

white-paperB Medical Systems
July 12th 2022

Many cell and gene therapy solutions have shown considerable promise as a source of possible treatments for a wide range of chronic disorders. However, these sophisticated therapies introduce additional obstacles such as the requirements for ultra-low and cryogenic storage, which affect numerous steps of the biomedical solution’s life cycles, from their development to their administration. The minimum prerequisites for any preservation method are technical feasibility and product stability for successful clinical outcomes. Expensive and cumbersome preservation methods contribute significantly to the cost of cell and gene therapy technologies and limit the use of these products. As a result, reliable but simple-to-use approaches are critical for the adoption and sustainability of such scientific applications.

This paper examines the feasibility of using ultra-low temperature freezers as long-term storage solutions for cell and gene therapy products.