Welcome to the World of Peptides

Welcome to the World of Peptides

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An Introduction Into The World Of Peptides And Amino Acids

This White Paper from Bachem forms a valuable introduction and overview briefing of the fast-changing technologies of peptide chemistry.

Among other topics, the paper discusses the basics of peptides and amino acids and the challenges involved in manufacturing and peptide modification, as well as their relevance to production of generic medicines.

It further provides insights into the development process for New Chemical Entities (NCEs), patented peptides or organic compounds manufactured exclusively for a patent holder or licensee, as well as Generic Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (Generic APIs), produced in volume under cGMP conditions.

The paper lists many of the more significant NCEs and APIs, together with their relevant indications.

In the “Insights into Peptide Chemistry” section, Dr. Mergler presents scientific explanation of the principal peptide, protein and amino acid groups, their basic relationships and therapeutic significance.

The paper concludes by examining principal methods of peptide synthesis and their relative advantages.

In summary, ‘An Introduction Into The World of Peptides and Amino Acids’ serves as an informative primer on the main aspects of these valuable areas of pharmaceutical/biotech science and shows where Bachem’s specialisms can be deployed to greatest effect.

This publication is a practical vademecum in which Bachem’s chemists involved in solid phase synthesis for many years have gathered their knowledge and experience in SPPS.

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