Types of Documents MediLingua Translates

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Types of Documents MediLingua Translates

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Supplier Product: Types of Documents MediLingua Translates
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Types of Documents MediLingua Translates

MediLingua provide a specialist medical translation service and translates various types of documents. It’s highly experienced team of translators can complete translations from and into all European languages plus languages such as Turkish, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and several African languages.

MediLingua’s highly accurate and expert team can translate the following documents:

• Clinical trial documentation (including Study Protocol, Informed Consent Forms (ICF), Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) Forms, etc.
• Drug registration dossiers, Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC), Patient Information Leaflet (PIL), packaging, labelling
• Documentation (IFUs) for medical devices, equipment, and surgical instruments
• Medical information for patients and physicians
• Medical news (and summaries of the medical journals)
• Scientific articles
• User interface for medical software and related (e-)documentation
• Marketing communications collateral, press releases, product launches
• Multimedia products (health education/medical reference)
• Presentations

For more information or to discuss the the types of documents MediLingua translates please contact us directly.

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