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TASITEST brings pre-filled syringe testing solutions to PDA 2017 Vienna

news-releasesBonfiglioli Engineering S.r.l.
November 6th 2017

Ferrara, Italy: – Pharmaceutical packaging testing and inspections specialist TASITEST Packaging Test and Inspection will exhibit advanced testing solutions at the upcoming Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) Pre-filled Syringes and Injection Devices conference in Vienna.

The conference brings together industry and regulatory experts to share their experiences, new developments, regulatory considerations, trends and best practices in the field of parenteral drugs.

High-speed solution

TASITEST Product & Application Specialist Giovanni Golinelli will contribute to the conference agenda, delivering a presentation on “Finished Pre-filled Syringes Integrity Testing: Method Development, Validation and 100% in-line High Speed Solution” during the Track B “Manufacturing and Technology “at 0930 Wednesday on Day Two of the event, Wednesday, November 8 in Hall G.

TASITEST will also be an exhibitor at the PDA conference, at tabletop X 91. The presenting team, including Area Sales Managers, Serena Santi and John Park, will display a range of sophisticated applications for non destructive, non invasive Container Closure Integrity Testing, Visual Inspection and Headspace Gas Analysis for Laboratory and In-line packaging markets solutions.

LF-S 11 leak testing

In particular, they will showcase the Bonfig LF-S 11 solution: a benchtop single-head leak testing machine for inspecting vials pre-filled syringes, pouches, PFS nests, Monobloc, IV Bags, flow-wrapped device, form fill seal and bow fill seal containers, carpules, bottles, ampoules and liquid form sachets.

“Visitors to our display will be able to explore a range of our latest products and technologies applicable to the Pharmaceutical packaging sector, and specifically to prefilled syringes, representing the perfect combination of product stability, testing efficiency and maintenance simplicity,” said Mrs. Santi.

“We think our visitors will be particularly interested by the auto diagnostics system available on many of our platforms, along with low maintenance and easy cleaning features, quick changeover for all format specific tooling and capacity to store, maintain and download historical data on production, tests, events and alarms,” she added.


TASITEST represents a new force in the packaging leak detection market, combining three top industry players, ALPS, Bonfiglioli and Sepha to provide an unrivalled range of visual inspection, leak testing and headspace gas analysis solutions across diverse global markets.

With a focus on Packaging test & Inspection across several vertical markets, TASITEST supplies integrity-testing solutions for all primary packaging requirements.

TASITEST is a specialist in the three complementary technologies that together provide 100% assurance in packaging sealing and integrity: Visual Inspection, Leak Testing and Headspace Gas Analysis (HGA). It also deploys a range of other technologies; these technologies are incorporated in a range of machines designed for pharmaceutical applications. These include the LF Series bench-top and Off-line machine designed for Non-Destructive Integrity Testing of: Vials, Pre Filled Syringes, Pouches, PFS Nest, Monobloc, IV Bags, Flowrapped Device, FFS, Carpule, Bottles, BFS, Ampoules, Liquid Forms, MDPI, MDI and PK Series of inline and offline machines to perform VDM or PDM based closure integrity testing in vacuum or pressure.

TASITEST products and solutions can be applied across a very wide range of industry sectors, including Pharmaceutical and biotech packaging, Medical Devices, Food & Beverage and Appliances for testing and inspection of vials, bottles, ampoules, Pre-Filled Syringe (PFS) packs, cartridges, Blow Fill Seal (BFS) and Form Fill Seal (FFS) containers, IV Bags and flow wrapped devices, pouches, PFS nest, carpoule, MDPI, MDI.

About PDA Universe of Pre-filled Syringes and Injection Devices

Founded in 2003, the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) Universe of Pre-filled Syringes and Injection Devices conference has become the world’s largest event dedicated to this subject.

The 14th Universe of Pre-filled Syringes and Injection Devices conference will be a two-day event opening November 7 at the Austria Center in Vienna.

The 2017 conference will highlight future technology and regulatory trends of all aspects related to application device technology, focusing particularly on smart devices and connected technologies that provide patients with easier, safer and more effective solutions of drug administration.

The event is organized by the Parenteral Drug Association with further information at:

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Bonfig LF-S II  - benchtop single-head leak testing machine for inspecting pre-filled syringes, etc.

Bonfig LF-S II – benchtop single-head leak testing machine for inspecting pre-filled syringes, etc.

Bonfig LF-S II  - benchtop single-head leak testing machine for inspecting pre-filled syringes, etc.

Bonfig LF-S II – benchtop single-head leak testing machine for inspecting pre-filled syringes, etc.

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