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VTU Technology GmbH

Pichia pastoris Protein Expression / Production Excellence

VTU Technology is a leading contract research and development company providing time-saving development of cost-efficient recombinant protein production processes for manufacturing of biologics and other proteins.

VTU delivers high performance production strains and entire processes with record-breaking productivity (recently reaching 35 g/l of secreted protein). As a leading contract research organization, VTU provides exclusive services and technologies around Pichia pastoris protein production and process development in step wise and highly customized project setups.

Cutting-edge, proprietary technologies and profound experience are the basis for the broadest toolbox available for Pichia pastoris recombinant protein production enabling the expression of a wide range of proteins such as Fabs & Antibody-derived fragments, Fc & HSA fusion proteins, scaffold proteins, serum proteins, cytokines, vaccines and enzymes.VTU additionally offers the generation of glycoproteins with human-like glycoforms by combining our yield enhancing Pichia platform with PichiaGlycoswitch®.

Since its foundation 2008, our highly skilled team has been continuously optimizing and expanding its Pichia technology platform to generate an unparalleled spectrum of expression tools and ingenious expression strategies leading to more flexibility in protein production and to meet highly specific expression needs. Multiple customers from different industries have already benefited from VTU´s versatile Pichia platform.

VTU Services:

  • High speed expression strain development
  • Fermentation process development and optimization
  • Downstream and analytical process development
  • Small-scale production of purified proteins
  • Sound technology & data transfer to our customers
  • Out-licensing / co-development opportunities for several recombinant proteins.

VTU guarantees tight development timelines and competitive & safe production processes.


To learn more about VTU's services and capabilities and how they can assist your business, please contact VTU Technology directly.

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