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VIO Chemicals

VIO Chemicals is a Swiss-based CDMO that specializes in the development, custom manufacturing and sourcing of chemical specialties and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

VIO Chemicals provides an exclusive partner for businesses in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry that seek customized solutions at every step of the supply chain, from process and product research and development to production, quality control and delivery of commercial lots.

Its long-established presence in Europe and China, deep experience in market needs and regulations, scientific excellence and use of advanced technologies ensure VIO Chemicals’ high quality products and services.

Products & Services

Through its different locations and representation offices, VIO Chemicals offers a broad range of services and products across Europe, Asia and North America.

VIO Chemicals services include development and production of proprietary intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) on a custom-manufacturing basis, production of non-proprietary catalogue intermediates and APIs, sourcing of existing intermediates and APIs, as well as complementary GMP/EHS auditing, consulting and regulatory services.


VIO Chemicals headquarters offices in Zurich, Switzerland, handle all incoming queries for chemical intermediates. The company provides a wide range of high quality chemical and advanced intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), fine chemicals, excipients, alkaloids, amino acids, antibiotics, hormones & synthetic substances, chiral intermediates, heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysts.

Its ‘off the shelf’ catalogue portfolio includes close to 100 different products organized in four ranges: Intermediates for API synthesis, Active Ingredients & Excipients, Specialty Chemicals and Amino Acid Derivatives.

Services include:

Research and development

VIO Chemicals offers process and product research and development through its ISO 9001:14001-certified R&D centre in Thessaloniki, Greece. Equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation and equipment, the R&D centre offers a complete range of chemical development services, including synthetic route design and evaluation, IP considerations and support, process and analytical development and validation, and technology transfer to the VOC manufacturing units in Binhai, China. The R&D centre houses a kilo lab to ensure a smooth transition from development to scale-up manufacturing at any volume of production.

The R&D centre implements Quality Management System following the cGMP requirements. All stages of development and production are performed under quality control and quality assurance standards in line with the formal ICH guidelines and requirements.

Through its R&D centre, VIO Chemicals also offers GMP/EHS auditing, consulting and regulatory support as a complementary service.


Through its 3 production facilities totaling 27,000 square meters in Binhai, China, one of them cGMP-standard, VIO Organic Chemicals Ltd (VOC) (under Chinese label Yangcheng HaoHua Organic Chemicals Co. Ltd.) provides contract manufacturing and custom synthesis services. VOC manufactures intermediates under exclusivity, as well as intermediates for the open market.

VOC’s production facilities in Binhai provide access to a broad range of technologies and production capabilities at any scale – lab, kilo, pilot and commercial. Besides including a clean room for the production of intermediates, they are multipurpose and single product plants with medium to high throughput, low level of automation and high flexibility, equipped with glass lined and stainless steel reactors from 500l to 5,000l. All units offer a tank farm, solvent recovery towers for recycling, waste water treatment technology, electricity and a back-up generator, steam supply, waste disposal technology and water purification system.

VIO Chemicals manufacturing is guided by regulatory and quality standards, according to EU, US and ICH cGMP requirements. When needed, VIO Chemicals uses the manufacturing assets of its partners and strategic network in the area.

Strategic Sourcing

The VIO Chemicals office in Nanjing, China, is ISO 9001:2008-certified and offers strategic sourcing of catalogue, custom-manufactured and proprietary products. Sourcing services include screening and evaluation of the best potential supplier, negotiation of price and conditions, auditing of EHS policy and production and follow-up measurements, monitoring of timing and quality.

The company also offers consulting services, uniquely placed to act as “ears and eyes in China” for international partners. Established presence in China provides special insights in market research and market intelligence services for customers as well as for consulting companies looking for information about products, potential customers or competitive analysis.


VIO Chemicals manufacturing activities call on a wide range of advanced technologies for custom synthesis and standard production needs. These include:

  • Condensation
  • Addition & cycloaddition
  • Reduction & oxidation
  • Nitration
  • Acylation
  • Methylation ((CH3)2SO4)
  • Cyanation (NaCN)
  • Esterification
  • Carbonylation
  • Friedel-Crafts reaction
  • Diazotization
  • Chlorination (Cl2, POCl3, SOCl2)
  • Bromination & fluorination
  • Grignard reaction
  • Reactions from -78°C to 300°C
  • High pressure hydrogenation
  • Reactions in liquid NH3
  • Enzymatic processes
  • Chromatography

Structure and history:

VIO Chemicals business operates across Europe, Asia and North America. The company headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, hosts the Business Development, Key Account Management & Sales teams, with sales contact points in France, Spain, Italy and the DACH region. In North America, the company is represented by VIO Chemicals US in Quincy and Quilin Chemicals Inc. in Sarasota. Asian operations are managed from Nanjing, with sales representation at VIO Chemicals Japan. Logistics operations are located in China and Switzerland. Chemical development and manufacturing are conducted by (Yangcheng Haohua) VIO Organic Chemicals Co. Ltd, China.

VIO Chemicals has come a long way within the space of two decades. Dr. Dimitris Kalias established the company in Zurich in 2001, after holding senior positions in business development, sales and chemical development in leading chemical and pharmaceutical companies including Ciba-Geigy, EMS Dottikon and Lonza. VIO Chemicals opened a representative office in Nanjing, China, the following year.

In 2005, the first production unit of VIO Organic Chemicals Ltd. (VOC) became operational in Binhai, Jiangsu province, north of Shanghai, as a joint venture between VIO Chemicals AG (majority shareholder) and Yangcheng Xinliji Pharm Chem Co Ltd. From 2008, the company established representative offices in the USA and key European countries.

By 2010, VOC had completed construction of its third 3600m2 multipurpose manufacturing unit, bringing total organic chemical facilities to an area of 27,000m2. The company completed upgrading its cGMP manufacturing facility in 2014, obtaining ISO 9001:2008 certification for VIO Chemicals Nanjing Office the following year.

Since 2016, VIO Chemicals has operated its own ISO 9001:14001-certified R&D center in Thessaloniki, Greece.


To learn more about VIO Chemicals’ services and capabilities and how they can assist your business, please contact the supplier.

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