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Vichem Chemie Research Ltd

Vichem Chemie is a Hungarian biotech research company highly specialised in the development of kinase inhibitors, one of the fastest growing fields within the pharmaceutical industry with applications in oncology, autoimmune diseases and other unmet medical needs.

Vichem performs advanced medicinal chemistry in the kinase inhibitory field based on its unique, in-house developed, Nested Chemical Library™ (NCL) technology. With over 20 years of experience in kinase inhibitory chemistry we have established an outstanding knowledge base that has helped to develop the NCL. Our library is organized around more than 110 core structures and more than 600 scaffolds, and contains inhibitors against more than 160 kinases, providing the most diverse kinase inhibitory library available for drug research.

Vichem Chemie offers the following platform technologies:

  • Nested Chemical Library
  • Assay Development and Hit Finding
  • Allosteric Library
  • Masterkey
  • Pharmacophore Modelling
  • Scaffold Hopping
  • Lead Optimization – ADMET
  • Target fishing

In around a year we can deliver a novel patentable, submicromolar lead compound against a selected kinase with about 4-5 research cycles using our innovative NCL, Masterkey, Pharmacophore and Scaffold Hopping technologies.

Our target fishing technology enables us to perform selectivity profiling and off-target identification. Vichem is highly skilled in developing preclinical candidates with lead optimization for efficacy and ADMET properties. The medicinal chemistry research team of Vichem is highly specialized in developing drug candidate protein kinase inhibitors (PKI).

Vichem has nM lead compounds against 20 kinase targets in cancer, inflammatory and infectious diseases. Vichem has developed lead compounds against various kinase targets for its collaborative partners (Axl, b-Raf, JNK, CDK9, mTOR, Pak1-3, Plk, EGFR/c-Met, FGFR2 and FGFR4). Vichem has lead compounds and/or early preclinical candidates for Tuberculosis, Influenza, AIDS and 5 pathological kinase targets. Vichem established partnership with various European, American and Japanese institutions and companies, participates in several FP7 projects.


To learn more about Vichem Chemie's services and capabilities and how they can assist your business, please contact Vichem Chemie directly.

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