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Vaisala is a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement. Since its foundation in the 1930s, Vaisala has amassed unparalleled knowledge and expertise in providing a comprehensive range of innovative observation and measurement products and services for weather-related, industrial and life sciences markets.

Vaisala’s mission is to help its customers ensure operational quality, reduce risk, increase productivity and achieve energy savings through precise and reliable measurement and monitoring.

For the life sciences industries, Vaisala’s Controlled Environment division provides a wide portfolio of offerings, including monitoring systems, measuring instruments, data loggers, and services.


Reliable, Fail-Safe Environmental Monitoring in GxP Environments

Life science customers, including pharmaceutical, biotechnical, medical device and drug distribution companies, rely on Vaisala monitoring systems. These provide continuous environmental data, records, reports and alarms that allow companies and organizations to operate in demanding research, production, and storage areas while complying with tight authority regulation.Reliable measurement of environmental parameters and fail-safe continuous monitoring with gap-free data are the keys to high quality and safety in processes, products, and people.

The need for monitoring begins with the principles of quality that are contained in GxP guidelines and regulations. These practices minimize the risks to patient safety and ensure product quality and data integrity. For example, a product inadvertently exposed to high temperatures may be rendered unsafe for human consumption. If this problem is detected, customers may have to scrap a significant amount of product. Detecting the problem after the event will require product to be scrapped. Failure to detect is worse, setting the stage for harm to the end user, liability and loss of reputation.

A monitoring system that is designed for GxP environments and managed according to GxP guidelines will mitigate this type of risk. This is why Vaisala monitor environmental parameters like temperature and humidity and why regulators enforce cGMPs in monitored environments. While the concept of monitoring is simple, a deeper understanding of how the system works can have a big impact on the success of the business, especially where regulators have specific requirements.

Vaisala Continuous Monitoring System Ensures Fail-Safe Operation

The Vaisala Continuous Monitoring System (CMS) is a total solution, complete with data loggers, software, service and documentation, including IQOQ validation. The system is designed for life science environments.

The CMS features proprietary view Linc software, which provides a user-friendly, and intuitive interface. Independent measurement sites and triple redundancy data backup guarantees continuous,and gap-free records. Alarms can be set to automatically alert personnel when environmental conditions depart from expected parameters. Audit trail records all interactions with the system, providing a complete record for compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and other regulatory and accreditation requirements. With view Linc’s reporting options, automation, and security, internal Quality or customer-required records are always available, gap-free, and audit-ready.

Accurate and Reliable Measurement Instruments and Data Loggers

Vaisala’s life sciences customers all need to measure their environmental conditions closely and precisely to minimize risk and ensure efficient, safe and high quality operations. Vaisala provides industry-best measurement instruments and data loggers to quantify humidity, temperature, dew point, carbon dioxide, differential and barometric pressure. Transmitters and hand-held meters are engineered for demanding industrial applications, with high accuracy and excellent long-term stability. Easy to use hand-held meters can be used e.g. for spot-checking or for field checking and calibration of Vaisala transmitters.

Vaisala data loggers are fully validated and designed for GxP-regulated applications, including warehouses, cleanrooms, cold storage spaces, blood banks, laboratories, freezers, etc.These versatile instruments can be used to monitor temperature, humidity, differential pressure, CO2, door switches and more. The loggers contain a 10-year battery and onboard memory. With autonomous power and recording capacity, data is immune to network and power interruptions, ensuring that records are secure and continuous.

Hands-on Support Partner

Vaisala offers a broad range of services to the Life Science industry. Its aim is to help customers mitigate operational risks and enable systems to fulfill their maximum lifespan and return on investment. Vaisala’s technicians are available to manage the end-to-end installation of the Monitoring System to ensure a flawless system launch and deployment with full system functionality and user training. Vaisala offers on-site Installation Qualification and Operational Qualification services to help customers meet regulatory obligations. With proven processes for validating new system installations, upgrades and expansions, Vaisala can get customers up and running quickly, without sacrificing quality.

Understanding the dynamics of a space is crucial to the safe utilization of that space for the manufacture, storage, processing and distribution of sensitive products. This is a required step in demonstrating appropriate control over environmental conditions to ensure product safety. By mapping such a space, the user can identify areas of risks, such as a warehouse, to determine the distribution of sensors and duration of the mapping. Vaisala’s mapping service is currently available only in Europe, China and Japan.

Vaisala services cover full technical support as well as instructor-led training that can be organized on-site or through a web-based portal. The company can also provide Interactive multimedia training tools to support plan holders and enable users to educate themselves on their own schedules.


The Vaisala story began in 1936, when its founder, Professor Vilho Väisälä, set up a business to market his revolutionary lightweight balloon-mounted radiosonde for measuring meteorological conditions in the upper atmosphere.

Over the next eight decades Vaisala has progressively diversified into further measurement technologies expanding rapidly also geographically.

Vaisala has continuously invested an average of more than 10 percent of its annual income on R & D, establishing a large selection of state-of-the-art instrumentation that is used to measure and monitor environmental conditions across a huge range of weather and industrial applications.

In 2010 Vaisala strengthened its position in Life Science by acquiring Veriteq, a leading company in continuous monitoring systems and data loggers. The strategic acquisition was an important step in strengthening Vaisala’s leadership in global pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device markets.


Headquartered in Finland, Vaisala employs approximately 1500 professionals worldwide and is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki stock exchange. The company has customers in more than 100 countries worldwide, with subsidiaries in Germany, UK, France, Sweden, USA, Canada, Brazil, China, Japan, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, India, South Korea and Australia.

Today, Vaisala delivers its services through two business streams:

  • Weather: serving meteorological, aviation, transport, energy and other sectors
  • Controlled Environment: serving life science industries and targeted industrial applications, including building automation, process measurements and energy markets

Standards and Compliance

Calibration and repair services are globally available from Vaisala’s Regional Service Centers offering a wide range of services, which encompass accreditation, traceability (NIST), repairs and upgrades. Vaisala is certified to ISO9001.


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