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TekniPlex Europe N.V.

Tekni-Plex Europe NV is certified to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 15378:2007 for the design and manufacturing of a wide range of plastic and rubber materials for pharmaceutical and medical applications. These include pharmaceutical blister films for tablets and capsules, packaging materials for medical liquids and medical devices, film for pouches, closure liners and seals, and medical tubing.

These products are supplied by four different Tekni-Plex divisions:

  • Tekni-Films Europe: Producer of high barrier films and foils for pharmaceutical packs including complete ranges of thermo-formable sheet, lidding foils, flexible films and pouching materials.

  • Action Technology Belgium: Sealing gaskets and tubing for aerosol valves, pumps, dispensers and closures, including cleanroom extrusions.

  • Tri-Seal: Market-leading manufacturer of extruded and laminated liner materials for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other industries, producing materials with excellent sealing and barrier properties.

  • Natvar: Manufacturer of medical tubing products with more than half a century’s experience of developing products for healthcare and pharmaceutical applications.
Tekni-Films Division

Tekni-Films is totally focused on pharmaceutical blister film and medical packaging materials. The division can provide single-source blister solutions from concept to completion. Its success in global markets is based on the following key strengths:

  1. Global Production
  2. A global network of production sites in the North-America, South-America, Europe and Asia, allowing easier and more efficient production, drawing on expertise from four continents.

  3. Dual Sourcing
  4. Tekni-Films is the only company in the world that offers two different suppliers of the PCTFE polymer, which is the pharmaceutical industry standard for blister packs: Aclar®(Honeywell) and Vaposhield®(Daikin). The two brands are fully interchangeable – both with identical low Water Vapour Transmission Rates (WVTR) – providing the highest level of supply assurance to our customers.

  5. ISO Class 8 Cleanroom Production
  6. In 2001, Tekni-Films commissioned an industry-first, Class 100.000 cleanroom blister film lamination and film co-extrusion facility at the Erembodegem (Belgium) plant, to serve pharmaceutical companies in Europe and the Middle East. This established the standard for all of our production facilities worldwide. Today production takes place, at all our plants, in an ISO14644 Class 8 Cleanroom.

  7. Global Proprietary PVC Formulation
  8. Since PVC usually forms the product contact layer, we have developed a formulation that complies with all international standards and regulations. Thus Tekni-Film PVC products can be used worldwide for different applications. The PVC is particular suitable for PCTFE laminates with low shrinkage and low curl. Again, Tekni-Films has multiple suppliers for its unique proprietary PVC-film that is perfectly thermo-formable.

  9. Lidding Foil Expertise
  10. Alongside blister foil, Tekni-Films has also developed a wide range of peelable and weld-seal lidstocks, from child-resistant,senior-friendly aluminium/paper lidding foils to custom peelable foils for any blister application. This unique dual capability delivers matched top and bottom web films and foils for predictable performance and superior quality.

  11. Tailor-made Solutions
  12. Tekni-Films can provide a wide variety of films and foils for push-through pharmaceutical blisters and medical packaging,with ultra-high barriers against moisture and oxygen. Tekni-Films offers tailor-made packaging solutions with PP/Barex, APET, PETG, COC, TPE, etc.

  13. In-house Extrusion
  14. Tekni-Films produces films by extrusion, co-extrusion, extrusion-coating or extrusion-lamination, on its state-of-the-art co-extrusion line, in cleanroom.

  15. Wide Product Range
  16. Tekni-Films can offer the full range of pharmaceutical and healthcare-oriented products:

    • PCTFE laminations (Aclar®| Vaposhield®)
    • Mono-PVC proprietary formulation
    • COC and mono-PP films: for halogen-free blisters
    • Lidding foils
    • Pouch films
    • Flexible films for liquids (water and solvent based)

To learn more about Tekni-Films’ capabilities and how Tekni-Films can support your business, please contact Tekni-Plex Europe NV directly.

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