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tec4check GmbH

tec4check GmbH is a German-based system partner for the printing and processing industry. It has developed innovative solutions that ensure the quality of digital and printed products throughout all process steps, ensuring maximum printing quality by automating the detection of errors and deviations from design.

The company’s name denotes that it was formed as a four-way partnership between Enrico Rabe and Dr. Gerriet Backer of Krauß Software with Dietrich and Robert Mägerlein of the printing companies Eukerdruck Marburg and Pharma Druck Dresden.

Together, they have developed MediaCheck as a family of software packages that digitally compare PDF files with scanned images at the pixel level to identify even the smallest deviation from specified design.


MediaCheck software digitally compares scanned images of primary or secondary packaging against approved PDF files. Using pixel-based comparison at high resolutions, the system is able to detect tiny deviations or errors such as spots or font changes (Print Proof).

The packages are highly configurable and adaptable to the needs and workflows in each company as well as easily scalable to high throughput. MediaCheck is available in three versions:

MediaCheck Light

The starter package is designed for single workstation checking, focusing on sequential processing, focusing on one test at a time. This is a conventional stand-alone solution with a streamlined easy-to-use interface that guides the user through each step in the proofing process. MediaCheck Light offers the same proofing power in a small, easy-to-learn and cost-efficient package. (Artwork-Proof, Text Proof)

MediaCheck Medium

The ‘middle’ package is also designed for single workstations but allows parallel ‘background’ processing. The packages allows checker to work on further tests while earlier ones are still processing. Jobs are stored, so that the user can go back to earlier results or add further samples to existing jobs. The user interface remains fully available during any checking process.

MediaCheck Workflow

MediaCheck Workflow is based on full client-server architecture for maximum power and flexibility over multi-station checking. With this package, all processing takes place on the server, with the user able to add as many client testing stations as desired, based on Mac OSX or Windows workstations. MediaCheck Workflow allows the checking network to be adapted to high throughput needs – with certain tasks assigned to particular client stations, batch processing for some tasks and the ability to prepare jobs in advanced of samples being available. It also allows users to pause processing on one task to start working on another.

One expansion module allows users to decode Braille content and determine deviations from Braille standard, with dot height measurement and other tests. (MediaCheck Workflow only).

A second optional module, available for MediaCheck packages, allows checking of booklets and leaflets, allowing multi-page PDF files to be compared against multiple sample scans in one simple step.


tec4check products assist pharma companies in their responsibilities to check the accuracy of all printed products, as well as those received from partners. MediaCheck’s fast and reliable detection of deviations saves time as well as costs in checking folding boxes, package inserts, labels and all other secondary packaging in little time and with minimal manpower. The system identifies every deviation from source image with user analyzing results, evaluating and commenting on any deviation from ‘norm’. Result reports can be saved as a PDF or printed out.

tec4check’s experience with regulated industries helps clients to introduce compliant computer-assisted checking of printed goods with the necessary documentation.


To learn more about tec4check’s capabilities and how they can assist your business, please contact tec4check directly.

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