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Synovo GmbH

Synovo GmbH is a pharmaceutical discovery services company providing services in:

  • synthetic and medicinal chemistry
  • experimental formulation
  • pharmacology including disease models (inflammation, pain, diabetes, CNS)
  • pharmacokinetics
  • antibody modification

The company’s main pharmacological activities are based on assays and disease models for the selection of drug candidates with optimal in vivo properties.

Our chemists and pharmacologists are particularly experienced in techniques of chemical and formulation optimization to improve ADME properties. Synovo establishes these parameters using human derived cells, proteins and systems wherever feasible to ensure the relevance of its data to use in humans.

Synovo is also engaged in projects in the fields of anti-inflammatory, CNS and oncology drug optimization on behalf of clients from the pharmaceutical industry. Synovo works in partnership with public sector laboratories to improve its systems and extend its technologies to protein and nucleic acid drugs.


Synovo offers three main groups of services:


    Synovo offers a range of pharmacological support services that may form stand-alone tests or integrate of into a drug discovery project. Its expertise is focused con inflammation and the general areas of pharmacokinetics and drug disposition with unlabeled materials. The ability to work without label allows Synovo to obtain cost-effective distribution and metabolism data early in discovery. This information allows informed decision making on the fate of a compound prior to significant investment.

    Synovo’s advanced in-house chemistry facilities make it possible for pharmacology to be coupled with compound formulation, galenics and stability studies if necessary.

    Synthetic Chemistry

    Synovo chemists have extensive medicinal chemistry experience, especially in natural product derivatives. They also have experience in assay design and development with fluorescent substrates. Synovo chemists have experience with most families of common drug compounds and labeling / conjugation chemistry.

    Synovo‘s chemistry services include:

  • Synthesis of specific intermediates or screening compounds
  • Method optimization and scale-up
  • Immobilization of ligands
  • ADME optimization
  • Preparation of fluorescent conjugates

  • The chemistry team has a proven record of flexibility and delivery on projects with tight time scales and can support partners in short-term projects focusing on isolated chemistry problems or longer duration integrated projects.


    As part of its pharmacology activities, Synovo has a cell biology team that can generate cell lines in support of assay design and screening projects. This team is particularly expert in expression cassettes, expression of membrane proteins and the selection of high expressing cells. Cell line construction may be combined with fluorescent substrate design, assay design and electrophysiological characterization of membrane proteins.

The company’s founder is Dr. Michael Burnet, a former Zeneca project leader with a broad interest in chemical biology and its application in improving small molecule discovery efficiency.

Synovo‘s 30-strong team works in a new facility equipped with state-of-the-art air handling and climate control to ensure optimal working environment for chemistry and pharmacology studies.


To learn more about Synovo’s capabilities and how they can assist your business, please contact the Synovo directly.

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