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Sovicell is dedicated to providing trusted state-of-the-art ADMET (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion and Toxicology) products and services that enable you to rapidly obtain accurate and reproducible pharmacokinetic data about your drug candidates or other chemical substances.

Sovicell’s ready-to-use TRANSIL test kits for ADMET tests support pharmaceutical R&D by facilitating a shift from labor-intensive “home-brew” approaches to fully automated processes. Benefits include easy handling, rapid compound quantification and highly reproducible results, with robust correlation with conventional dialysis technique. This in turn provides increased flexibility, reduced cost and increased efficiency of the drug discovery process.

TRANSIL technology

TRANSIL is an innovative bead-based technology platform that underpins Sovicell’s reliable membrane permeability and protein binding assays. Its name is derived from transition silica and refers to proprietary surface modified porous silica beads that serve as carriers for biological molecules or structures such proteins, enzymes and membranes. TRANSIL assays do not require filter or dialysis membranes and thus avoid issues of unspecific binding while providing a means for assessing the physical properties of small and medium-sized organic molecules (peptides, RNA). TRANSIL assay systems are suited both for soluble polar and lipophilic chemistries.


All kits are designed for automated liquid handlers or manual pipetting and feature ready-to-use 96-well microtiter plates carrying TRANSIL beads. A single plate can be used for measuring up to 12 compounds. The kits include a spreadsheet, facilitating easy data analysis including quality control.

Sovicell products address five main applications:

Plasma Protein Binding: Assessment of the unbound fraction of a drug in plasma, also suitable for sticky compounds and compounds with poor solubility.

Brain Tissue Binding: Accurate estimation of the unbound fraction of drugs in brain and prediction of the brain-to-plasma distribution.

Brain-to-Plasma Distribution: Assessment of brain tissue binding of drugs and the prediction of their disposition into the brain.

Liver Microsomal Binding: Based on the affinity to human liver microsomal membranes tailored to correcting the clearance rate for binding to microsomal or hepatocyte membranes.

Intestinal Absorption: Liposome-based kit for rapid in vitro Assessment of the ability of drugs to cross the intestinal epithelium.


Sovicell offers its customers assay development services based on a technology platform integrating mathematical simulation, statistical analysis and laboratory experiments. This approach massively reduces assay development time and cost while increasing the accuracy, positive predictive value and negative predictive value. Clients can leverage Sovicell’s knowledge and technologies in a broad variety of ADMET assays that cover tissue binding, membrane permeability, and side-effect screening.


To learn more about Sovicell’s products and services and how they can assist your business, please contact Sovicell directly.

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