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Sofrigam S.A

For 40 years, Sofrigam designs and manufactures cold chain packaging solutions for the transport of life sciences and healthcare products. Sofrigam accompany the major pharmaceutical and biotechnology laboratories with its unparalleled technical expertise in pharmaceutical cold chain and its most extensive lines of insulated shipping packaging.

Sofrigam offers innovative protective thermal packaging solutions to:

  • Maintain the quality and the integrity of life-sciences products by keeping them at the perfect temperature with high-performance insulated packaging
  • Guarantee the compliance with the pharmaceutical industry standards
  • Reduce the global cold chain logistics costs with optimized-packaging in terms of payload and weight
  • Facilitate handling and loading with smart and easy-to-use packaging

Sofrigam cold chain shipping systems are dedicated to the entire life science industry, from the production plant to the patient. Biopharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology and logistics companies, from the leading ones to the smallest ones, trust Sofrigam’s TCO-friendly solutions.

Sofrigam engineering department is able to build packaging solutions to meet almost every cold chain logistics constraints in a timely manner.

All Sofrigam packaging solutions are tested and pre-qualified under controlled temperature conditions by our partner the thermal test center Ater Métrologie.

Cost-effective, efficient and innovative, Sofrigam temperature-controlled packaging are made to meet your most complicated cold chain challenges!


To learn more about Sofrigam's services and capabilities and how they can assist your business, please contact Sofrigam directly.

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