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A member of the FeyeCon Group, SEPAREX is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) that specializes in supercritical fluid (SFC) applications and high-pressure technology systems. These allow clients to build cleaner and greener products that do not rely on fluorinated, chlorinated or liquid organic solvents.

SFC technologies developed by SEPAREX can be used as non-polluting “tunable" solvents with intermediate properties between liquid and gas that make them highly efficient as reaction media in extraction, hydrogenation, oxidization, sterilizing and purification processes, as well as synthesizing pharmaceutical compounds.

SEPAREX also builds and installs production equipment for many different application fields in the pharma, bioscience and fine chemicals industries, including SFC reaction, solid batch extraction and liquid fractionation plants, Aerogel production machinery, textile, and oxidization reactors.

This French-based company is thus able to apply a distinctive Supercritical Fluid Engineering approach in working with clients through every stage of process from original concept through product and process development to construction of industrial scale production.

Supercritical Fluid Technologies

SEPAREX supercritical fluid technologies provide more sustainable and environmentally alternatives for a wide range of core pharmaceutical and life science processes. Switching to supercritical CO2 technologies saves clients costs in eliminating need to treat and recycle solvents, with return on investment (ROI) proven at between three and six years, depending on application. Main SFC technologies include:

SFC Extraction (SFE)

Supercritical fluids and high-pressure processes can be used for extraction of active pharmaceutical ingredients from natural or synthetic sources. The process uses CO2 as solvent, possibly with added ethanol to increase polarity, acting on milled materials, pellets or granulates. Since it generally operates in batch mode, with need to change solid materials at each cycle of extraction, the process typically has higher costs than using conventional solvents but has the significant advantages of producing no organic residues or thermal degradation. Thus there are long-term benefits in product quality and lower cleanup costs.

SFC Fractionation (SFF)

Supercritical Fluid Fractionation of liquid mixtures is generally operated in continuous mode, again using w CO2 as solvent, possibly using ethanol or other co-solvent to increase polarity. The process lends itself to full automation, significantly lowering operating costs. However, many companies have been unable to master SFF extrapolation rules and optimal operating parameters, due to the high cost of pilot scale equipment. SEPAREX can help clients break through this barrier.

SFC Purification:

Supercritical fluid technology can be used for purification of medicinal plants such as saw palmetto, chamomile, etc. as well as elimination of monomers or other toxic pollutants from bio-materials, including polymeric patches, prostheses and implants. These technologies can also be applied to eliminate residual solvents from antibiotics and other synthetic drugs.

SFC Formulation:

Supercritical technology can offer various processes for micro particle formation and complex solvent-free formulation to obtain, for example, increased dissolution rates, stabilization of molecules, or sustained released.

SFC Sterilization

SEPAREX supercritical fluids provide solvent-free alternatives for sterilizing APIs and medical devices.

SFC Micronization

Supercritical CO2 can also be used to micronize solids with potential to increase surface area and enhance solubility, given a formulization properly optimized for the SFC process. Rapid Expansion of Supercritical Solutions (RESS), Supercritical Anti-Solvent (SAS) and Particles from Gas Saturated Solutions (PGSS) methods have been used to micronize a number of drugs, including phenacetin, nifedipine, felodipine, griseofulvin, carbamazepine, lidocaine, ibuprofen, mefenamic acid, phytosterol, lovastatin and celecoxib.

SFC Encapsulation

Supercritical CO2 technology can revolutionize the production of Aerogels, used as encapsulation media. Aerogels prepared from organic monomer, inorganic salts or metal alkoxydes are processed in a high pressure supercritical drying procedure in which the solgel mixture is pressurized and heated to supercritical state before being depressurized and cooled to room temperature. The process eliminates solvent and need to generate a two-phase system with attendant capillary forces.


Indeed, our company is able to provide services that accommodate the way our clients think, from the original idea to the construction of the industrial scale unit.

It all starts with our R&D team who, if need be, do feasibility tests or optimization at our workshop and, and who in collaboration with our client define the tasks.

Then our design team develops sustainable solutions in terms of equipment.

Finally, our manufacturing workshop gets on with the task to finalizing the installation.

Our responsiveness to the client's needs and our readiness to design solutions to challenging tasks make Separex a major player in field of supercritical fluids.

The main vision that guide our company is to add a cleaner value to any business.

Products and Services

SEPAREX products and services are applicable across a wide variety of product areas, including pharmaceutical, biomedical, life sciences, cosmetics, and recycling and waste valorization.

Main service areas include:

  • Feasibility Testing
  • Research & Development
  • Process Development
  • Engineering of Supercritical fluid equipment
  • Emissions management

History and structure

Company founder Dr. Michel Perrut was a research professor in chemical engineering at the Ecole National Supérieure des industries Chimiques in Nancy when he decided in 1985 to set up his own company, SEPAREX, to specialize in applications of supercritical fluids, then in their infancy.

His company was based in Champigneulles, near Nancy, where it remains today, with Dr. Audrey Ngomsik-Fanselow as Managing Director (Separex), Dr. Eric Francais heading process development and Dr. Audrey Common, R&D Coordinator, leading market development.

In 2012, SEPAREX became a member of the FeyeCon Group, founded by Dr. Geert Woerlee at Weesp in The Netherlands. SEPAREX forms the main R&D services, process development, equipment design and construction and manufacturing arm of the group, while FeyeCon D&I BV, based in Weesp, provides product development and implementation services.

When product and process are ready to be commercialized, FeyeCon finds a partner to spin out a sister company. That allows FeyeCon to work with a launch customer to be closer to the market. The group has created more than a dozen joint ventures in domains including food, pharma, textile and cosmetics.

Quality, Regulatory and Standards

Supercritical fluid technology is a clean technology. Despite being based on carbon dioxide (CO2), SEPAREX produces zero emissions, recycling CO2 in all its processes.

SEPAREX works to ISO 9001 standards in all processes with full 9001 accreditation scheduled for December 2016.


To learn more about SEPAREX products and services and how they can assist your business, please contact the supplier.

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