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Rotronic AG

Rotronic AG is a Swiss-based manufacturer and international supplier of specialist measuring solutions used by pharmaceutical and other industries. Rotronic has become one of the world’s leading names in humidity and temperature measurement and is renowned for the high quality of its Swiss-made meters, instrumentation, sensors, data loggers and other measuring equipment.

Business Streams

Measurement solutions

Rotronic is positioned as an internationally aligned trading and manufacturing company, and offers the most varied solutions for dealers and industrial customers. Its lines of business include products for measuring humidity, temperature, CO2, dew point and differential pressure.

Since 1965, Rotronic has built up an international reputation for the precision and quality of its humidity, temperature and other measuring devices.

Rotronic measurement solutions are in use in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuffs and many other industrial sectors. They are categorized under four main applications:

  • Humidity measurement: Humidity affects many properties of air and of materials in contact with it, with a wide range of manufacturing, storage and testing process defined as humidity-critical. Humidity measurements are used wherever there is a need to prevent condensation, corrosion, mold, warping or other spoilage of products. Rotronic’s in-house developed Hygromer series of humidity sensors are the solution of choice wherever exact measurement of humidity and temperature are of vital importance: for example in the manufacture and storage of pharmaceuticals and chemicals as well as in drying processes, HVAC systems, and many other applications. The Rotronic range includes HygroClip probes, HygroLog data loggers, HygroPalm handheld meters, HygroFlex transmitters and HygroGen calibration equipment.
  • Low dew point: A further way of expressing humidity, the Dew Point (or dew-point temperature) is the temperature at which condensation would occur if air or a gas were cooled. Dew point is often preferred as a measurement when considering at what temperature to maintain an environment or gas to prevent condensation. It is also an absolute measure of the gas humidity (at any temperature) and relates directly to the amount of water vapor present. Rotronic has engineered a range of probes that provide reliable measurement of trace moisture, along with highly accurate dew point and temperature measurements at pressures up to 100 bar, as well as measurement chambers that can measure dew point measurement in air and gas flows in POM or stainless steel.

Other measurements

Rotronic also manufactures or supplies a comprehensive range of transmitters, handheld instruments, wall-mounted sensors, data loggers and display panels to gauge variables such as:

  • Non-chemically bound water activity in food and other substances
  • CO2 and indoor air quality
  • Wall surface humidity
  • Meteorological measuring equipment

  • Temperature measurement: Rotronic’s wide range of temperature measuring equipment includes the PT100 series of probes and wireless loggers, ThermoFlex transmitters and ThermoPalm handheld measuring instruments.
  • Differential pressure: Rotronic’s recently introduced PF4 transmitter series provides a thermal measurement technique that enables high precision differential pressure measurement, even in very confined spaces. With optional connections for the HygroClip probe, an analog input or a temperature sensor, the device can handle a wide range of applications in clean rooms, operating theatres and other applications where positive or negative pressure differentials are important.
  • Rotronic customers benefit from sophisticated sensor technology, guaranteed safety, validated software and documentation, a global sale and support network, and the officially GAMP/FDA accredited in house SCS Calibration Laboratory to maintain the highest standards of accuracy and consistency.

    History and Structure

    Rotronic was founded in 1965. It is privately owned and managed by the Schroff family.

    With more than 200 employees, 42 sales outlets and seven subsidiaries worldwide, Rotronic Group is becoming an increasingly international company, realizing some 60 per cent of its turnover in export sales.

    The company’s seven subsidiaries are located in main global markets, such as the USA, China, the UK, France, Italy, Germany and, most recently, Singapore where a branch office opened in 2013.

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